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There is a casting in Toronto for Adam Sandler’s upcoming movie on Netflix

by Stewart Cole

Adam Sandler is casting for his next new Netflix movie, which is set to begin shooting in Toronto this summer.

The Study The star, which has just been released on Netflix in Canada, is now looking to cast a new movie and the criteria are actually quite specific.

The production is supposed to be called You are not so invited to My Bat Mitzvah!

The film is set to be an adaptation of a young adult novel of the same name, which follows a young girl through the trials and tribulations of the biggest event of her life to date: her Bat Mitzvah. Boys and high school hijinx should be part of the fun.

The cast says Sandler is making a new film and is looking for people who identify as LGBTQ + to be background actors in a Bat Mitzvah scene.

You do not need previous experience: in fact, you just have to be over 12 years old. People under the age of 16 only need to be accompanied by a parent on rehearsal and filming days.

There is one more open form apply online for the casting call from the pension.

Shooting will take place from June 29 to August 12 only on weekdays and will require background performers for one to four days.

Adam Sandler has actually shot one of his most famous films here in Toronto: Billy Madison. However, we hope he is not too reluctant to return since he was called around Yonge and Dundas a few years ago.

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