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This terrific new comedy became the top movie on Netflix in just 24 hours

by Stewart Cole

Time for a new movie to take the crown as the number one movie Netflix, and this time, it’s a crazy comedy with some stars you might recognize. Say hi to Old dads.

The film, which premiered on Friday, October 20, quickly rose to the top spot on the site list of most viewed movies. In fact, it only took twenty-four hours. Now, Old dads sits above other titles such as Fair play, Great effort, The devil on trial and more.

The comedy follows three best friends who decide to embrace life as older dads. However, the trio quickly realizes that the world is running ahead of them and they must face their own problems (while constantly trying to help their young grow up).

You may recognize the three leading men – Bobby Cannavale (Spy), Bokeem Woodbine (Fargo) and Bill Burr (Breaking Bad)—who play best buds Jack, Connor and Mike.

Burr not only stars in the film, but also serves as director (making his directorial debut) and co-wrote the screenplay with Ben Tishler. Throughout his career, Burr has been recognized for writing comedy specials, including the Grammy Award-nominated Paper Tiger.

Michael Moriatis/Netflix

For now, the movie has 89 percent positive rating by the public on Rotten Tomatoes, based on over 250 ratings (however, it only has a 20 percent rating from film critics).

Other stars inside Old dads features Katie Aselton (The championship), Reign Edwards (Bold and the Beautiful), Jackie Ton (SHINE), Miles Robbins (Let it snow), Rachel Harris (Lucifer), Bruce Dern (I’m coming home) and more.

Michael Moriatis/Netflix

Let the laughs begin.

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