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Tillotama Shome: Keeping Irrfan Alive – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News

by Joe Bourn
Tillotama Shome she is one of the best actors in the country and has proved it time and again with her work in projects like Monsoon Wedding, Sir , Delhi Crime, Qissa etc. Night Manager, an Indian adaptation of a British show of the same name.
In an exclusive interview with ETimes, the actress spoke about Argas Irrfan Khanwith whom he had many opportunities to work from Shadows of Time to Qissa: The Tale of a Lonely Ghost to Hindi Mediumetc. He said, “It was during the special screening of The Namesake in New York that we met again after working in India. He had this uncanny quality of looking into me and into me. He understood that I was very unhappy in America and my time, my honeymoon period with America was over. And he said, “Go back.” And I did, as soon as I came back.”
When asked if she misses him, she told us, “He’s given me so much and he’s given all of us so much, with his work, the variety of roles he’s played. I was so lucky to have so many opportunities to work with him. And in Qissa, I had to play his son.”
He added, “What I learned from him and what I learned from him Anoop Singh on the sets of Qissa are tools I can use in any film. Every time I use one of these tools, I thank you Irrfan and thank Anoop and keep him alive. Every time I talk to a tree or see an amazing bird, the bird stops for me and the flower blooms for me. And I get to walk in a beautiful forest and it reminds me of the vastness of the universe. I feel like I’m talking to Irrfan because that’s what I learned from him. He didn’t just deal with the material. It always felt like he was having a bigger conversation. You’re so aware of things around him.’

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