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‘Toy Story’ star shares controversial idea for upcoming film, ignores previous films

by Stewart Cole

Since Disney brought Pixar under its umbrella in 2005, there’s no doubt that the animation company has become one of the biggest animation studios in the world. However, Pixar was already well on its way to animation stardom before its partnership with Disney with its record-breaking films: The history of games (1995), The life of an insect (1998), Toy Story 2 (1999), MONSTERS INC. (2001), Finding Nemo (2003), and The Incredibles (2004).

After being bought by Disney, the studio continued to create the Cars franchise and will be extended to existing franchises such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredible, and MONSTERS INC., while adding movies like Ratatouille (2007) and Cocoa (2017), among dozens of others. One of his biggest recent films is Elementary, released earlier this year, though its biggest franchise still remains the The history of games movies.

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With four Toy Storey movies and Lightyear, a Buzz Lightyear movie, the franchise has grown into its own animated juggernaut. Earlier this year, it was revealed that Pixar was working on one more The history of games film, which would make it the fifth installment in the franchise. There have only been rumors and speculations about what the movie might involve, but Buzz Lightyear actor Tim Allen has his own thoughts on where the next movie will go.

Recently, there was a viral video on TikTok that painted Bonnie as his true villain The history of games privilege. Bonnie was introduced at the end of the third film as the young girl Andy gives all his toys to as she leaves for college. By the end of the third film, many fans who had grown up with The history of games agreed that it was the perfect ending for the franchise. It was a timely addition as many of his fans were either in college or just out of college and Andy saying goodbye to his games was the perfect way for fans to say goodbye to the movies.


Toy Story 4 she’s often widely seen as an unnecessary and disappointing addition to the Pixar series, and whether or not fans agree on Bonnie’s “badness,” she’s definitely less likable than Andy, not least because she sidesteps Andy’s toys and essentially leaves it up to aside a whole generation that grew up. with them. For years, fans argued over whether a fourth movie was needed and whether a fifth should follow Bonnie more or go back to Andy. In a recent interview with The Dweeb Movie on YouTube, Tim Allen was asked if he could say anything about it Toy Story 5. In response, he says,

“I’m not where the story is going, but what if the whole story was through Andy as an adult, he had kids, and he happens to be on the internet and the kid says ‘have you ever seen this game?’ And Andy sees that Buzz is missing an arm and he’s in – they’re selling these vintage toys. And Andy goes and collects all the toys. He has to go out and find each one of them and put them back together and bring them back to his house and start over with his son… it’s all through Andy’s eyes because we fixed his life and now he returns that favor.”

Woody (Tom Hanks) and Jessie (Joan Cusack) talk to
Credit: Disney/Pixar

Clearly, Allen would like to see the fifth film return to Andy and the family that started the franchise. I think I speak for most of us when I say this is something the fans want too. Unfortunately, we don’t know much at the moment Toy Story 5 In addition to this, it will feature Tim Allen returning to voice Buzz Lightyear and Tom Hanks voicing Woody. We can only hope that the team at Pixar will listen to their star as a voice for all their fans and reunite Andy with his beloved toys.

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