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Warner Bros. is reportedly developing the new Justice League film trilogy

by Stewart Cole

DC’s collection of animated superhero movies known as the Tomorrowverse has a lot in store in the coming years as the series kicks off a new Justice League event.

Many DC fans may not know that Warner Bros. has spawned several animated films that take place in their own continuity, separate from DC’s live-action offerings.

This animated universe was rebooted with 2020 Superman: Man of Tomorrowand went on to additional stories, focusing on Batman, Green Lantern, and even the Justice League.

And even though James Gunn and Peter Safran are ushering in a fresh, new era for DC content, the co-CEOs said some non-continuity shows and movies will remain in production under the DC Elseworlds banner, including the Tomorrowverse.

Another crisis in infinite lands is coming


Hot on the heels of this year Justice League: Warworld animated film, a sequel was announced by Warner Bros. at San Diego Comic-Con, Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths (thus marking the second recent adaptation of the classic comic after Arrowverse in 2020).

But that is not all. According to his website Mike Miloanimation director on this Justice League animated project, the film is actually part of a “Crysis” trilogy.

Milo has uploaded the bio of all the projects he has worked on and will be a part of in the future. And on that list was the following entry:

Animation Director – Warner Bros.Justice League – CRYSYS I”, “II” and “III””

This shows that three parts are in progress for this iteration Crisis on Infinite Earths. The first part is scheduled to arrive in 2024.

What will the Crysis Trilogy be about?

For the uninitiated, the comic Crisis was a large-scale crossover event from the mid-1980s. It was designed to streamline all the various DC continuities into its multiverse and give readers a clean slate.

Specific plot details for the Tomorrowverse trilogy are unknown, but with the current proliferation of multiverse content, it’s likely that these Crisis films will draw from all corners of DC animation.

So that would basically mean that all previous DC cartoons are fair game. Things like Superman: The Animated Seriesthe short-lived Green Lantern appearance, or even Super Friends since the 70s everyone could be involved.

Of course, this is just speculation, but considering that Crisis on Infinite Earths is inherently a Multiverse story, it seems like a given. After all, when the CW shows like The Shine and Legends of TomorrowWhen they tried the crossover version, it basically turned out to be a who’s who of live-action DC cameos from old and new features.

At one point, WB was even planning a huge takeover Crisis for the soon-to-be canceled DCEU, but those plans have since been scrapped.

DC’s Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths released in 2024.

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