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Warner Bros. It fails to lock down the new boss of the DC superhero movie

by Stewart Cole

DC has been in flux since Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) took over the studio and started by canceling it Bat girl. Since then, WBD has been on a cancellation spree, removing several original superhero shows from HBO Max.

Additionally, DC’s leadership is another issue as Walter Hamada, its current president, he has only agreed to remain in his leadership position at least until Black Adamreleased on October 21st. As a result, this led Warner Bros. Discovery to find the new leader of DC.

Now, a new report has revealed an unfortunate update on the studio’s search for its DC film and TV chief.

Dan Lin will not take an executive role


CNBC shared that film producer Dan Lin will not be taking the job to head Warner Bros.’ DC Comics film and television unit.

The LEGO Movie and THE The producer was reported to be in talks for the role under DC, but the paper revealed that the two sides ended negotiations without reaching an agreement.

The two sides were reported to be exchanging term sheets, with Lin wanting to keep the production company he founded, Rideback, operational with an equity stake owned by Warner Bros. Discovery. However, both parties decided to move on after Lin decided to stay with Rideback.

Who will become the new leader of DC?

The president of Warner Bros. Discovery’s David Zaslav previously stated that he envisioned one “10-year plan” for DC, saying that “It’s very similar in structure” that Alan Horn and Bob Iger put together with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige at Disney. However, this latest development puts a big bump in the road for that plan.

It appears that DC and Warner Bros. Discovery couldn’t catch a break as it tries to improve the franchise. A previous report said that Arrowverse boss Greg Berlanti is being considered as a possible candidate to take over DC, and it’s possible that the executive could be highly sought after as talks between the studio and Lin have just broken down.

Despite this unfortunate development, it’s expected that Zaslav and his crew will look to find ways to expedite the search for DC’s new leader, given that he said the franchise is “top of the list” for them.

Hopefully whoever replaces Walter Hamada will have a burning desire to revitalize the DC franchise as it heads into a brand new chapter.

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