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Watch the new trailer for ‘Renfield’ starring Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult – Rolling Stone

by Stewart Cole

Nicholas Hoult, who plays the titular kid Renfield in a new film about Dracula’s sidekick, mourns his life and dreams of breaking free from his dark master in a new trailer for Renfield. As the two and a half minute trailer shows, Dracula (Nicolas Cage) is pretty annoying and selfish. Just imagine having to dry clean the same cape for decades, since the movie is set in the present. After meeting a cop played by Awkwafina, Renfield decides to take over the dealership, leading to a bloody climax in the trailer and possibly even bloodier in the movie, out April 14.

Director Chris McKay of The Lego Movie Fame directed the picture based on his script Rick and Morty writer Ryan Ridley, which he based on an idea of ​​his The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. The film also stars actors Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation)and Adrian Martinez (Stumptown).


Rolling rock has called Renfield one of the most anticipated films of the year. “What director Chris McKay’s horror-comedy wonders: What if Renfield finally got tired of having to follow Dracula’s orders and was trying to escape what he realizes is an extremely ‘toxic relationship?’ Rolling rock he said. “Nicolas Hoult — who, among Hulu The great one and The menu, has been on quite a roll lately — starring as the title character. And Nicolas Cage appears as the alpha vampire, channeling his love for life Nosferatu, German expressionism, etc., in the part that really can [dramatic pause] sinks his teeth in.”

Another trailer for the film was released a few months ago.

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