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Why everyone is obsessed with the new ‘BlackBerry’ movie.

by Stewart Cole

Remember BlackBerry?

The Canadian smartphone brand had people posting BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) statuses and abandoning SMS abbreviations by using full QWERTY keyboards in the early days.

They were equally loved by them the most popular celebrities and the busiest CEOs.

The virtual phones may have been official discontinued last yearbut their place in the cultural zeitgeist is being renewed thanks to a new film.

The movie Black berry by Toronto-born actor and director Matt Johnson opened last week to rave reviews.

Here’s why everyone is obsessed Black berry.

His satirical take on corporate greed with BlackBerry

Right from the trailer, it delivers its seamless, comedic mayhem Uncut gems with the high seriousness of the stakes The social network.

“A company that toppled global giants before succumbing to the ruthlessly competitive forces of Silicon Valley. This is not a conventional story of modern business failure by fraud and greed,” its synopsis reads. “The Rise and Fall of BlackBerry Reveals the Dangerous Speed ​​at which Innovators Race Along the Information Highway.”

Moviegoers are impressed with how the film was able to balance fun with a “disturbing tone.”

“This movie is like The social network meets Silicon Valley meets The Big Short, but I actually enjoy it more than all these projects because it has such a human approach to the subject,” said TikToker and film buff @jstoobs. “It’s as hilarious as it is tragic.”

@jstoobs I can’t believe how much I loved this movie #blackberrymovie #movie theater #film ♬ original sound – shadows

Incredible performances

Fans praise Montreal-raised actor Jay Baruchel and It’s always sunny in Philadelphia star Glenn Howerton for their knockout performances.

Baruchel plays the young Mike Lazaridis, the Canadian entrepreneur who founded BlackBerry. In the film, you will see him create the first smartphone prototype and experience the trials and tribulations of building a company from scratch.

Howerton plays an intense Jim Balsillie, a Canadian businessman turned chairman and co-CEO of BlackBerry.

Many say that both actors gave the performances of their careers.

A showcase of Canadian excellence

The film is full of Canadian excellence. Not only does it tell the story of an innovative Canadian company, but it was also created by a Canadian director and stars many Canadian actors.

“Canadian Cinema’s Answer to the Social Network. This is a relentlessly vibrant film that deserves the spotlight on the world stage.” He wrote The Globe and Mailfilm critic of Barry Hertz.

And a standout moment from the film includes what will probably be one of the most iconic lines ever spoken about Waterloo, Ontario.

“I’M FROM F**KING WATERLOO! WHAT ARE THE VAMPIRES DOING!’ Howerton screams in one scene.

In fact, Hertz reported that Black berry had the highest opening weekend for a Canadian film since 2021 Paw Patrol: The Movie.

Not to mention the 97% rating it received from Rotten Tomatoes.

You will check out Black berry in theaters?

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