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Why George Clooney Calls His New Rom-Com With Julia Roberts ‘Brave’

by Stewart Cole

Usually, when you go to the movies these days, you’re going to see a superhero movie, a sequel, or a prequel. Not often is it a rom-com. However, during the month, we got not one, but two rom-coms with theatrical releases. One was Brethren, which came out earlier this month, and the other is Ticket to Heaven which comes out this week. Now, days before its US release, Ticket to Heaven Star George Clooney praises the film for not going straight to streaming.

In recent years, we have seen rom-coms released mainly on streaming platforms and they have been extremely successful. Some of the the best movies this genre has to offer it was not released in the cinema. This includes the 2018 Netflix hit To all the boys I’ve loved beforeand Hulu’s 2020 hits Palm Springs and The happiest season. So, with even star-studded rom-coms going straight to smaller screens these days, it’s impressive that Universal decided to give Ticket to Heaven exclusive theatrical release. explained George Clooney THR:

Universal did a very brave thing. These things only happen to streamers now and they did a very brave thing to make a movie like this. We are grateful. We are optimistic.

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