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Will Smith’s ‘Bad Boys’ I and II among the new movies on Netflix this week

by Stewart Cole

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s original action comedy Bad Boys and its sequel Bad Boys II is new to Netflix this week.

Fans are currently being treated in a Bad Boys revival with the new summer blockbuster Bad Boys: Ride or Diewhich teams up with Smith and Lawrence’s Miami police detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett for a fourth Bad Boys adventure. The new film follows the release of the third successful film in the series in 2020, Bad Boys for Life.

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The original Bad Boys The film was released in 1995 and Bad Boys II hit theaters eight years later in 2003. The first two Bad Boys he directed the films Armageddon and Transformers director Michael Bay.

Both Bad Boys and Bad Boys II will debut on Netflix on Monday.

The first two Bad Boys the films became big hits in theaters. According The numbers, Bad Boys earned more than $141 million at the worldwide box office against a production budget of $19 million before print and advertising costs.

Additionally, the box office tracking site said: Bad Boys II it grossed $273 million worldwide against a production budget of $130 million before P&A.

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While Bad Boys and Bad Boys II were both hits with fans, neither film found much love from critics.

Rotten tomatoes the critics gave Bad Boys a collective 44% “rotten” rating based on 68 reviews, though RT users experienced a 78% “fresh” audience rating based on over 250,000 user ratings.

Bad Boys IImeanwhile, it earned a dismal 24% “rotten” rating from RT critics based on 168 reviews, while again over 250,000 user ratings subsequently gave a 78% “fresh” audience score.

Other new movies on Netflix this week

It kicks off in July with the Netflix original film Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Fthe streaming service has four more original movies debuting this week.

On Wednesday the romantic comedy Wild, wild Punjab from India will debut. The film finds four friends taking a trip to the north-western state of Punjab in India to find love for a newly divorced member of the group.

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Three more new Netflix originals will be released on Friday: Blame the gamea comedy thriller from Germany. Championa sports drama from Spain and Lobola Mana romantic comedy from South Africa.

Among the new Netflix original movies coming this month are Find me fallinga romantic comedy starring Harry Connick Jr.

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