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Will there be more “Waltons” movies on the CW?

by Stewart Cole

His fans The Waltons I met a new incarnation of the family in the CW. The network TV movie, The return of Waltons’ Homecoming, presented the cast of 2021. Hopefully this will not be the last we see from these Waltons. Executive producer Sam Haskell said both he and the network hoped to make more Waltons TV movies.

LR: Bellamy Young, Christian Finlayson, Logan Shroyer, Ben Lawson, Samuel Goergon, Marcelle LeBlanc, Tatum Sue Matthews and Callaway Corrick | Tom Griscom / The CW

Haskell was on a Zoom panel with the cast The return of Waltons’ Homecoming on November 10, including Bellamy Young, Ben Lawson, Logan Shroyer, Marcelle LeBlanc and Richard Thomas. Haskell discussed plans to continue telling stories to the Waltons with this new cast.

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