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Yes, Ryan Reynolds’ new kid’s movie IF includes 1 Clever R-Rated Deadpool Reference

by Stewart Cole

Ryan Reynolds’ latest film, IFhad a surprise Deadpool report for eagle-eyed fans.

The film follows Cailey Fleming’s Bea, a young girl who can see Imaginary Friends (or IF) in real life. Before he knows it, he’s on a journey to help these lost companions find a new purpose.

The film is directed by John Krasinski and also stars Ryan Reynolds and countless other big Hollywood stars. Plus, if the headlines are to be believed, it even features Brad Pitt.

A hidden Deadpool easter egg in IF

Fans pay attention to the credits for IF could have noticed a funny Deadpool gag lurking in the credits of John Krasinski and Ryan Reynolds’ latest film.

As part of the names listed for everyone involved in the project, Brad Pitt was credited for the role of Keith.

What makes this hilarious is that not only does Keith not say a word for the entire movie, he is never seen. Instead, it’s always an invisible obstacle (theoretically) lying on the floor.

Throughout the film, Ryan Reynolds’ Cal trips him up several times, and at the end of the film, so does Krasinski’s character.

What gives this joke another level of significance is how Brad Pitt also briefly appeared as another unseen character in Deadpool 2, where he played the Vanisher. The hero was briefly a member of Deadpool’s X-Force before falling into power lines, killing him with an R-rated electrocution and giving Pete the aforementioned eight frames of the screen.


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Could The Running Brad Pitt Joke Continue In Deadpool 3?

Everyone loves a good running joke, and clearly, so does Ryan Reynolds.

Given the fact that Deadpool and Wolverine is just around the corner and Brad Pitt’s unseen cameos were referenced IFit’s hard to imagine that Reynolds’ first MCU film won’t reference the Vanisher in some way.

After all, X-Force members Shatterstar and Peter, who also died in the past, are seen alive and well in the trailers for the third installment. It would be the perfect joke if Wade Wilson and Wolverine somehow managed to bring Brad Pitt’s Vanisher into the MCU without paying the actor a dime.

Hopefully, Brad Pitt can one day land a major role in the MCU. Until then, audiences may have to be content with his invisible antics.

IF is now playing in theaters worldwide and Deadpool & Wolverine hits theaters July 26

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