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Yoko Ono shares an article saying Peter Jackson’s new film proves it did not break up the Beatles

by Stewart Cole

Yoko Ono shared an article on the internet saying that Peter Jackson Beatles’ new documentary, Come back, dispels rumors that he broke up the group.

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On Saturday (November 27th), Ono shared an article titled “Beatles Fans Think ‘Get Back’ Dispels The Idea That Yoko Ono Breke The Band Up” on Twitter, which has 4.6 million followers.

The director’s three-part film captures the creation of the band’s penultimate studio album “Let It Be” and shows their entire last concert on the roof of London’s Savile Row.

The archive footage in Jackson ‘s documentary shows Ono other than the Beatles during the recording of “Let It Be” and doing her own work, as opposed to reports that she participated while making the album.

Ono has been accused of disbanding the Beatles since the band left in 1969.

Peter Jackson also revealed this week that Disney wanted to remove all swearing from its own The Beatles: Get Back documentaries, but were convinced of the opposite by Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney.

Speaking to NME, Jackson recalled the first reactions of Star and McCartney to the documentary, which, to the director’s surprise, did not ask for changes.

“When they saw the finished thing, I was waiting for notes,” Jackson said. “It would be normal for me to take a note that says, ‘Oh, what I’m saying – could you cut it?’ Ή “Could you shorten the discussion there?” And I did not take a single note. Not a single request to do something.

“One of them said that they watched it and found it one of the most stressful experiences of their whole life. “But I will not give you any notes.”

Jackson described how the “true” aspect was very important to the band, which, along with George Harrison’s ex-wife Olivia, denied Disney’s proposed changes to remove all the swearing.

“Paul describes it as very crude,” Jackson added. “He told me, ‘This is a very accurate picture of how we were then.’ Ringo said, “It’s true.” Their truth is important to them. They do not want bleaching. They do not want to be disinfected.

“Disney wanted to remove all the swearing and Ringo, Paul and Olivia said, ‘So we talked. That’s how we talked. That’s how we want people to see us. “

In NME’s five star review, The Beatles: Get Back is described as a “long and rotating but completely unacceptable epic” that succeeds due to its “loose editorial policy”.

The Beatles: Get Back is available for streaming on Disney + in the UK.

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