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10 awful movies, weirder things the actors want us to forget

by Stewart Cole

Stranger Things is not just a great show – it’s a phenomenon. This love letter to the movie of the 1980s was adored by the masses, allowing it to become the largest Netflix show.

Although viewership may decline in the most popular dramas, interest in Stranger Things has only grown over time. And with Season 4 getting closer and closer, fans can not hide their excitement for more episodes of the Emmy-winning The Duffer Brothers series. Viewers have become so eager to revisit Hawkins City that they may be tempted to watch other movies and TV shows starring the Stranger Things cast.

Some of the ensemble have been fortunate to have great roles in huge blockbusters and award-winning series. Finn Wolfhard wowed everyone with his performance in IT. Brett Gelman was absolutely amazing at Phoebe Waller-Bridge Fleabag. David Harbor’s impeccable comic timing made him one of Black Widow’s top performers.

But no matter how talented an actor is, no one is immune to starring in a nanny. Here are the movies that even the biggest fans of Stranger Things should avoid.

There is no doubt that Charlie Heaton is a great actor. Jonathan Byers’ character in Stranger Things could be considered creepy, but Heaton’s performance made him lovable and compassionate. Heaton also has a talent for American accent, as most viewers have no idea he is from Yorkshire.

But despite his abilities, Heaton has escaped the world of cinema. The New Mutants were awesome. No Future tanked. However, his worst movie has to be Shut In. In the horror film, Heaton plays a teenager named Steven, who has been left in a vegetative state after a car accident. When his caregiver decides to put him in a house, he notices strange incidents with her other patients and wonders if he has more to do with Steven letting him go.

First of all, Shut In has the most obvious upset ever. (You probably only realized this by reading the synopsis.) Even without this predictable reversal, Shut In is frustrated by its intense rhythm, clichéd characters, and intricate plot. It is full of a number of amazing actors, but, thanks to the abysmal dialogue, none of them have the opportunity to show off their talents.

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