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Twinkle Khanna decodes the “multitude of underlying truths” in her latest Instagram post | Hindi Movie News

by Stewart Cole
Whether it is interior design, striking writing or film production, Twinkle Khanna can wear many hats with elan. Her family on Instagram loves everything she shares, but the only thing everyone admires most is her genuine charm and honesty. Also, if someone is looking to find some wisdom on the Internet, they should visit Twinkle’s Instagram profile.

The actress who became a writer has a unique way of expressing her thoughts in words, as she often finds important life lessons with her aristocratic witty and charming style. But in her latest Instagram post, we saw the 47-year-old’s unadulterated and compassionate side as she wrote a note about the importance of understanding the “multitude of underlying truths.”

In a touching note shared by Twinkle on Saturday, she wrote: “Come for a cup of coffee!” it is much easier said than done by the multitude of underlying truths.

1. I miss you. 2. I want to know you better.

3. I am alone.

4. I’m sorry I got confused.

5. I need an excuse to eat chocolate chip cookies and in this way I can deceive myself into believing that I have prepared them for you “.

The picture of the living room table decorated with delicacies shared with the note seems to be a metaphor for what Twinkle touched.

The wise message quickly resonated with all her fans and followers as the comments section was flooded with love and appreciation.

https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/fashion/celeb-style/we-think-akshay-kumar-has-more-pink-clothes-in-his-gardrobe-than-wife-twinkle-khanna/ photostory / 87492104.cms

Twinkle Khanna’s social media universe is like a treasure trove of hilarious videos and hot jokes. She has a great name, her wit and her sense of humor, and her social media timeline is proof of that. Ever since she switched from an actress to a bestselling writer, Twinkle has been giving her fans and fans on social media a taste of her intense intelligence with a generous dose of her characteristic humor. He also continues to share adorable photos and videos of their 8-year-old daughter Nitara.

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