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Amazon Prime will stream the latest Gundam movie

by Stewart Cole

Mobile Suit: Gundam had a big year in 2022, with October seeing the first female mech pilot arrive thanks to Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury. With the prequel already available online, the latest Gundam movie, which revisits the original universe that introduced anime fans to the mech series, has hit theaters in Japan with North America showing the film in theaters later this year. month. Now, Amazon has announced it Cucuruz Doan Island it will also be released on Prime video later this year.

As many Gundam fans know, Cucuruz Doan Island is one of the most interesting films in the mechanics franchise, especially since it is based on the legendary “lost episode” of the original 1970s anime series. Originally pulled for reasons that have yet to be fully revealed, the episode itself revolves around Amuro and his allies encounter a unique island full of orphans who play a role in the larger battle between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon. In terms of the cinematic landscape, this is far from the only entry the Gundam series has in the works, as Netflix continues to work on a live-action adaptation and a sequel to Hathway’s Flash movie is also in production.

Gundam.Info announced that the new film will be available on its Amazon Prime Video streaming service in Japan starting October 1, with a physical release planned for later this month.

Crunchyroll, which is helping bring the new Gundam movie to North America, has shared an official description for Cucuruz Doan Islandwhich will hit theaters in a two-night run on September 27 and 28:

“After a secret mission goes wrong, Mobile Suit pilot Amuro Ray and his companions are stranded on a remote island. The battalion was sent to a land called the Island of No Return to clear out any enemy forces, only to find a group of children and an enemy machine attack. Now Amuro must find a way for everyone to escape this mysterious land, but not before meeting a strange man – Cucuruz Doan.”

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