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Anu Aggarwal reveals she was reluctant to do Aashiqui after watching Devdas | Bollywood

by Joe Bourn

Actress Anu Aggarwal, known for her role in Aashiqui, has answered why he never felt he belonged in showbiz and the stars. In a new interview, Anu said that she was “interfered” with the portrayal of women in Hindi films in the 1990s. She also revealed that she was reluctant to do Aashiqui at first after watching Devdas beat a woman “when she refuses to marry him”. (Also read | Anu Aggarwal says her shots were deleted from Indian Idol episode 13)

Devdas has been made three times so far. The first film was released in 1935. The second film, starring Dilip KumarSuchitra Sen, and Vyjayanthimala among others released in 1955. Shah Rukh Khan played the title role in the 2002 film Devdas is a period drama based on Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s novel Devdas.

In an interview with Times of India, Anu said, “I was turned off by the way women were portrayed in Hindi films, way back in the 90s. They weren’t strong characters. Look pretty, do 3 songs, do a tear – Shot scene at the end of the bass. I had worked with an NGO and they had taught us that the media is not good for women. As shown by Devdas and I saw Devdas beating a woman when she refused to marry him. That was one of the reasons why I was reluctant to do Aashiqui at first. But later, when I heard that I would be playing an orphan who wants to make it on her own, I said I will.”

Talking about whether it was difficult to juggle between modeling and acting, Anu said, “I didn’t have to juggle at all. Everything fell into place, perfectly. I modeled not only in India but also abroad. Anu became brand However, I realized that we were far behind in Indian film scripting compared to international films.”

Anu appeared in the Doordarshan serial Isi Bahane in 1988. She then made her Bollywood debut with the musical blockbuster Aashiqui (1990). Anu also appeared in Ghazab Tamasha, Thiruda Thiruda, King Uncle, Khal-Naaikaa, The Cloud Door, Janam Kundli, Ram Shastra and Return of Jewel Thief.

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