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Ayushmann Khurrana says “trans girl should be the protagonist” in Chandigarh’s Kare Aashiqui sequel: “Vaani believes it too”

by Stewart Cole

Ayushmann Khurrana’s series of appearances in progressive cinema continued with his latest release. Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui. The film, co-starring Vaani Kapoor, addressed the issue of gender identity. The story revolves around a weightlifting champion who falls in love with a Zumba trainer who happens to be a trans woman. The film has received mostly positive reviews, although it has attracted some criticism for its lack of representation of the trans community in the cast.

Speaking about the possibility of a sequel, Ayushmann told Bollywood Hungama that the film should ideally be left alone, but added: “If there is a sequel, we should go for a performance, a trans girl should be in the lead. It’s just one the leader of the debate and Vaani believe it too “.

Ayushmann spoke about the comments he has received from the trans community. “If you get approval from community leaders, it says a lot. At the same time, in the beginning, you have to make a trailer that gives a lot of intrigue. Of course, you will receive a lot of feedback from the community. But as an ally, we all learn a lot. “This film is just an induction for people, like the first step.”

In an interview with India Today, Ayushmann spoke about the film’s pre-release criticism and reaction. “It will always happen. It is important to watch the movie first. When the trailer was released, there were reactions because the intellectuals who woke up are skeptical about Bollywood. The trans community has not been well portrayed since time immemorial. I’m glad that after watching the film, the community is happy and they have accepted the film. This is the biggest ratification for us. “

Earlier, director Abhishek Kapoor had talked about why he did not consider it necessary to cast a trans person in the role played by Vaani. He told the Indian Express, “We went through a lot of boulevards and there was the thought of giving a role to a trans person, but you know I find everyone so fascinated by actors. Why is everything legitimized by an actor? Why can’t a trans person write the film? Why can’t a trans person direct the film? First of all, this charm is wrong. Movies are not made by actors, they are made by filmmakers and writers. Finally, there is a representation of an individual actor, but I try to see above because there is a story to be told. You need to reach out to people in general by telling them the story and I thought that’s the best way to get that story there. “When you talk to someone, you have to speak their language.”

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