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Bollywood is shooting in Wular, for the first time in north Kashmir

by Joe Bourn

SRINAGAR: Braving the sub-zero temperature, a South Indian film crew began shooting their film around the scenic Wular Lake, Asia’s second largest freshwater lake, located in Kashmir’s Bandipora district.

This will be the first film to be shot on the lake after the implementation of the new film policy in Kashmir.

The film directed by Aditya Suhas is based in Kashmir, the principal photography of which will be done in Baramulla and some of the scenes will be shot here in Zurimanz, a village on the banks of Wular lake.

He was quoted by Aditya news agency KNO as saying, “This lake is so beautiful. I am in awe of the beauty and tranquility of this lake. I feel honored to shoot some parts of this film here. I believe this is the first time a South Indian film is being shot in Wular. I would love to see more filmmakers explore this place.”

While thanking the locals, Aditya said, “The locals have been so helpful. It would be a bit difficult for us to work in this freezing temperature, but they made us comfortable. They have taken our little crew into their hearts and are so excited about filming. It’s so heartwarming to see their excitement.”

Zurimanz and Bangladeshi locals are excited about this new development in their area and hope it will put their otherwise understated area in the spotlight.

“I’m so thankful for this crew that came here. I expect other filmmakers will follow suit and shoot their films here. This will give our local unemployed youth a chance to earn a living,” said Ashfaq Ahmad Bhat, a resident of the area.

With the film being shot in the area, locals are also hopeful that this will help promote development projects in the area.

“If this area is developed to its full potential, then it will automatically attract filmmakers and tourists. Better roads should be built connecting this area to the city. I hope the administration will realize this and help this lake to gain international fame,” said Aashiq Bhat, another local.

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