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Delhi boy committed theft after getting inspiration from Bollywood movie: Police

by Joe Bourn

August 13, 2022 10:23 p.m IST

New Delhi [India] Aug 13 (ANI): Delhi Police on Saturday arrested a 17-year-old boy who, in his attempt to impersonate a character in a Bollywood film, got involved in thefts and robberies, police said.
According to police officials, they had received multiple complaints of theft and looting from Karol Bagh and neighboring areas. Police teams started investigating these cases which they claimed were solved with the arrest of the minor.
“With the arrest of a 17-year-old juvenile involved in car theft, lifting and carjacking, the personnel of Karol Bagh Police Station, Central Distt, investigated 12 cases of car theft and carjacking and recovered 6 Scooties and a mobile phone.” said Shweta Chauhan, District Commissioner of Police (DCP).

The police started investigations and tracing the accused with the help of closed circuit. The team searched and analyzed around 200 CCTV Cameras of the Central District where the continuous incident of car theft and carjacking was reported. After analysis of the CCTV cameras it was found that a young boy aged around 17-19 was involved in the said incidents.
Most of the incidents appeared to occur between 4 and 6 am. (early in the morning). Therefore, the said team in plainclothes laid the trap for 12 consecutive nights in the area to arrest the culprit. Subsequently, various local and human bases were deployed by the special teams,” said DCP Chauhan.
On August 12, the police managed to arrest the accused.
The accused was trapped while trying to escape in a stolen Scooty from the area. The perpetrator was arrested, while a stolen mobile phone was found in his possession. Interrogation of the accused revealed that he wanted to become a super thief as seen in a Bollywood movie.
“A total of 6 Scooties and a stolen mobile phone were recovered and a total of ’12 cases’ of Karol Bagh Police Station and Anand Parbat Police Station were solved. During counseling and interrogation, he was informed that he wanted to become a ‘Super-chor’ as Bunty, as he was inspired by the Bollywood movie – Oye Lucky – Lucky Oye,” informed Shweta Chauhan. (ONE I)

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