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New Apple TV series to be filmed in London, Ont.

by Stewart Cole

A block of Richmond Street is about to be transformed into New York.

CTV News London has learned the Apple TV lineup Amazing Valentine — based on the book The change — will be filming in central London later this month.

“They tell us they’re going to shoot a movie on the block and we’re excited and looking forward to it,” says James Edwards, owner of AAHC Barbershop and Salon on Richmond Street.

AAHC and a few other businesses between Dundas & King Streets at Richmond Street will be closed as they build, film and tear down the set.

“They’re going to change the exterior and change the signs, and they told me it had to look like the ’70s New York scene,” Edwards adds.

According to neighbor Dave McCallum of NYC Stylz, his store will close on August 24th.

“They’re building rain towers for a large production run, and they need access to the upper and lower floors of my shop,” says McCallum.

Actor Lakeith Stanfield poses for a photo on the red carpet for the premiere of “Uncut Gems” during the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto on Monday, September 9, 2019. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/ Tijana Martin)

The fairy tale horror series stars LaKeith Stanfield in the lead role Straight Outta Compton, Get Out and Knives out.

The shooting of the series started in April and is expected to last in September. Some other locations include Toronto, New York and New Jersey.

Photos from production in those other cities have been popping up all over social media.

Film London’s Andrew Dodd says his office is monitoring a few productions at the moment and credits the city’s creation of the film office, which is starting to see results.

But Dodd won’t confirm Amazing Valentine comes.

“There are a lot of moving pieces here, and nothing is certain until it’s certain, so I can’t get into specifics at this point,” Dodd says. “But we know they’re looking and they’re interested and it could be a big deal for London.”

Major television and film productions such as Drawn, Scary stories to tell in the dark, The boys and I see they’ve been shot in County Elgin, but London hasn’t hosted many big-name series.

James Edwards of AAHC Barbershop and Salon will have to close his business for a few days this month as an Apple TV production takes place in front of his shop on Richmond Street in London, Ont. (Brent Lale/CTV News London)

“It’s not something that London is used to seeing, so when something comes along, there’s an excitement and they come to our office because they want to know more,” says Dodd. “It gets people talking because we’re not Toronto or Hamilton where there’s street productions every day.”

Edwards is looking forward to the finished product.

“I want to see what the movie actually looks like,” Edwards says.

He adds, “I’d like to see how my store fits in and hopefully, you know, maybe they’ll have some opportunities to be something more. Maybe we’ll get a chance to act in the movie.”

The series is expected to air sometime in 2023.

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