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Dwayne Johnson’s new film, Red Notice, made a dent in Vin Diesel

by Stewart Cole

The funny “Red Notice” about Vin Diesel happens during a conversation between John Hartley of Dwayne Johnson and Nolan Booth of Ryan Reynolds. Hartley asks, “Do you know what I think is funny, Booth?” Booth responds immediately: “Does Vin Diesel’s audition tape for ‘Cats’ exist?” This, of course, is a reference to the heavily and almost universally ridiculed Tom Coper’s 2019 CGI version of “The Cats,” which currently holds a meager 20% critical rating. Rotten tomatoes.

Diesel’s audition for the role of a cat singing CGI is definitely … interesting and it can be hard to believe that the joke ended up in a Dwayne Johnson movie by accident. Therefore, it has been noted by stores like Newsweek and People.

To be fair, however, Johnson himself has stated that while he fully understands Vin Diesel’s joke, he is not personally behind it. In an interview on “The Jess Cagle Show” (via YouTube), The star expanded on how the series ended in the movie.

“People were asking me about it and they just find a way, and you know, what ‘s interesting is, you know, these Vin Diesel jokes, which play great by the way in the audience, which is always good. Because it’ s really good. “It’s all about them,” Johnson said. “But, people think these jokes come from me and they don’t really come. I mean, you’ll be surprised at how many people come to me with ‘I have a wonderful’. I’m like ‘okay.’ with Vin Diesel. “” I’m sure you do. “Always funny.”

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