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Every new movie in theaters and streaming this weekend

by Stewart Cole

I will not lie to you, I can not believe that we have already entered the sixth month of the year 2022. Time is running out. Below, we share the best new movies of the weekend to watch in cinemas and movies available on streaming services that you will not want to miss.

It’s a bit wild to have the first week of June and not get massive movie theaters this weekend. Instead, we have a wide range of limited releases that include a couple of horror movies and many choices on streaming platforms.

Weekend movies you can watch (and stream) today

  • Observerin theaters
  • Crimes of the futurein cinemas (limited)
  • Trainingin cinemas (limited)
  • The Ghost of the Open(confined)
  • Island of FireΧούλου
  • StopperNetflix
  • Hollywood StargirlDisney +

The biggest issue of the week comes in a limited edition by David Cronenberg Crimes of the Future. The film stars Viggo Mortensen, Kristen Stewart and Lea Seydoux. The trailer looks a lot like a Cronenberg movie. I’m sure the film will be released in a limited way as it does not look like a film that the masses will like, but I’m excited to see what Cronenberg has in store for us.

Another big release is Hulu’s Island of Fire. The film follows a queer group of best friends gathered at Fire Island Pines for the annual Love and Laughter Week. I’ve already seen it and it is one of the best romantic comedies we have seen this year. It does an excellent job of combining heart and laughter. Directed by Andrew Ahn mixed with the screenplay by Joel Kim Booster and the excellent performance by Bowen Yang, you are all in for a treat.

Were you a fan of the horror movie? HOST? Well, director Rob Savage is back with his last celebration of terrorism Dashboard camera. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about this movie. I hope to check it out with an audience as I heard it plays well with one.

What will you watch this weekend? Will you enjoy a movie in theaters or in streaming?

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