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Ghostwriter Kate Mara and Adam Scott Talk the Twisted New Podcast

by Stewart Cole

The art of storytelling can be somewhat circular, with timeless traditions in the art form finding ways to return with modern twists, as evidenced by the brand new “podcast film” from C13Features Ghost writer. Embracing the spirit of radio games, while also bringing together top talent and effects, the new experience is available wherever you get your podcasts, but instead of being an episodic experience, Ghost writer intended for enjoyment in a suspenseful meeting. The new narrative stars Adam Scott and Kate Mara, who also served as producers in the experience. Ghost writer is currently available on all major podcast platforms.

Ghost writer, written by Alex Schobler, follows Kate Michaels (Kate Mara), a former journalist who reluctantly accepts a ghost job by writing a new murder mystery novel about an eccentric billionaire. Kate Michaels lives a lonely life after a traumatic experience, but after pressure from the sensible agent and her honest best friend, she hesitantly admits she needs the job. As he collaborates with the enigmatic James Weber (Adam Scott) on the play, he begins to depend on him and begins to suspect that something is wrong … deeply wrong. Will Kate be able to trust James’s story or even her own voice?

ComicBook.com met Scott and Mara to talk about their podcast obsessions, the benefits of voice acting, and the best way to enjoy storytelling.

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ComicBook.com: What a nice thing Ghost writer is this “feature film podcast”. It’s different from what people expect from traditional podcasts. But to begin with, I was curious, for both of you, regarding the weekly podcasts that are released, which shows are you most excited to see when a new episode is released?

Kate Mara: I love Dax Shepard’s podcast, Special armchair, and I love Smart. These are two of my favorites that I watch all the time every week. I also love a good, old-fashioned murder podcast. I was really into Doctor Death, but then it really confused me. Every time I have to go to the doctor now, it scares me. I’m very careful and have a lot of questions, but these are my favorites.

Adam Scott: I’m looking at mine right now to remind myself. love Pod Save America, Pod Save the World, WTF, of course. Slow Burn, How did this happen;, Rachel Maddow show.

Mara: Guys did you hear? To live and die in LA.? Highly recommended.

Scott: Wait, what is this?

Mara: Well, there are two seasons and … both seasons are about two different girls getting lost in Los Angeles.

Scott: I think I heard the first season. That was amazing. I have to listen, I did not know there was another season.

Mara: It is very good, there is a second season. You have to listen to it.

Scott: Big discussions is a wonderful podcast. I loved The West Wing Weekly when it happened. Yes, I think that is enough. I think it would start to get boring if I kept rattling … Oh, Dead Eyes. Dead Eyes that’s awesome.

With all these podcasts, I’m surprised you had time to make them Ghost writer. This podcast movie is available now wherever you get your podcasts.

Scott: Α, Soprano talking it’s wonderful.

Mara: Oh, it’s still going.

Scott: I will only do it for the whole interview.

Adam has a little more experience in creating podcasts, so Kate, when it’s time to prepare for Ghost writer And recording this, with all the live action experience you have, how was your preparation process different from a traditional movie or TV show?

Mara: Well, a lot, because you do not need to memorize anything. Well, that’s nice. It’s just a completely different experience because you are in a small, confined space and you are alone and you can not rely on the tricks you usually rely on, the minutes… I always try to get people to interrupt my dialogue. I say, “The less I say, the better,” and in that, you can not really do that. Well, I say, “I’ll do it at a glance. It’ll be fine.” But in this, you can not rely on it. It was a different experience, in a very fun way.

Either when you were reading the script and you were excited about a particular sequence or interaction that you were going to record, or when you went into the recording booth and found yourself performing, did you have a specific scene that you liked to bring to life?

Scott: I think when … I try to think of how to say it without spoiling anything, or maybe it does not matter if we spoil things. But when Kate starts to realize that something is wrong, something happens, and I just say, “Wow, you’re crazy.” The character does it masterfully, which is like, “I’m here for you. You need help.” And this is exactly the gas that is so bad to really do to someone. It was really fun. This is really fun.

Mara: You were looking forward to being accelerated.

Scott: I could not wait. I want to do it for years.

Since you can not rely on physicality or body language, what was the biggest challenge Ghost writer;

Mara: The biggest challenge is to do the little things you would never normally do and feel uncomfortable. Like saying to the audience, “Okay, I’m going to open the door. I’m going to feed the cat. Oh, the cat doesn’t want to eat.” Things like that, if it were a normal movie, you would say, “Well, I’m not going to tell you what I’m doing. You can see what I’m doing,” or you just do not feel natural, but you have to find a way to make it feel completely natural. This is actually a fun challenge, as an actor, to figure out how to do it in a subtle way that does not sound silly. I hope I did, I do not know. I would say that was the hardest part.

Scott: This thing is really difficult. And in the scene she tells me about her apartment, she was also very smart, because we’re talking on the phone, so she has to do it. And that was a very clever way, I thought, to be able to drag this report in there.

Since most people listen to podcasts in classes, whether they go by car or do laundry or to the gym, they can only listen to 20-30 minutes at a time. In what environment would you encourage a potential listener to put themselves in a position to appreciate more listening to this entire feature-length podcast?

Scott: That’s a good question. Boy, I do not know. I guess I hear things when I walk my dogs or do things at home or when I drive, of course. Driving, especially driving, because you always drive here. I do not know. I think that whatever is good, in whatever situation you are in, will bring you to its state. So I feel that as long as you have the space to focus on it, then you are fine … Maybe a long trip, because it’s an hour and a half. It would be ideal to hear it in one piece, I think.

Kate, I have to ask, having entered The four fantastic, if you receive a call and see that Disney or Kevin Feige are calling you to tell you they want to bring you back for the new Fantastic Four, you’re like ‘Hell yes’ or you’ll silence the call and just put that character Behind you;

Mara: I say “Who directs?”

The third option. I do not know who is directing. Do you want to direct? What about this one;

Mara: Absolutely never. No. No thanks. I do not mean Fantastic Four, I mean nothing. Nothing.

That’s right, we’ll delete you from the list. The next time I talk to Feige, I will let him know: “She is busy. She does not want to direct. The four fantastic. “

Mara: But if someone great wants it, great.

We will put you waiting for a return. We will disappoint you for “maybe”.

Mara: Cool. It’s not that … I do not think anyone is calling me to ask me to do this, but definitely, in a fantasy world.

If I direct, I invite you. Do not worry.

Mara: Oh yes. Cool.

Ghost writer is now available on podcast platforms.

This interview has been edited for the sake of length and clarity. You can contact Patrick Cavanaugh directly on Twitter.

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