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Godzilla and Kong Movies Need New Director – Here Are Our Picks

by Stewart Cole

This is another one of those options that seems so likely that it seems necessary on this list. Radio Silence, aka directing duo Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, have become genre buffs in recent years, starting with the sneaky horror/comedy hit Ready or Not in 2019. This paved the way for them to direct 2022’s highly successful “Scream” reboot, as well as last year’s even more successful “Scream VI.” Most recently, they created a unique new take on the vampire genre in the form of “Abigail” for Universal. In any case, they’ve delivered the goods, even if “Abigail” ended up being a bit of a commercial disappointment. But it wouldn’t be fair to deal with that, especially when it comes to a potential job directing the next entry in the MonsterVerse.

These guys know how to mix convincing genre action with crowd-pleasing humor. They also know how to cast very well and strike out. They’ve made big movies before, but nothing on this scale yet. That said, they seem more than ready to make the jump and could bring a new sense of fun to the table by playing in a big sandbox with Godzilla and King Kong. Is it an obvious choice? For sure. Does that make them the wrong choice? Definitely no.

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