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Martin Scorsese shows off his home, movie props in new viral TikTok

by Stewart Cole

Martin Scorsese has a new blockbuster on his hands. No, it’s not a Chanel ad or an epic Oscar nomination, but another TikTok video courtesy of Francesca Scorsese’s daughter. But this one stands out in how it gives fans a glimpse into his film shrine, complete with vintage posters, props and, of course, a home cinema.

Video is game on TikTok We are a trendin a general form that goes something like this: “We are ____, of course we _____.” The TikTok trend can be a fun way to poke fun at or defend clichés and stereotypes, but when Scorsese does it, it’s purely out of love for cinema…and directing his daughter. In the first clip, Francesca begins with: “We are movie buffs, of course we have movie posters all over our house.“Unfortunately, it doesn’t deliver the hype The Paradine case and I know where I’m going!prompting another download.

From there, Martin and Francesca Scorsese continue their TikTok tour of the house by showing off film cameras, director’s chairs and some movie memorabilia. Scorsese doesn’t just have the automatic from his Hugo but the honorary ballet slippers of 1949 The Red Shoes – or at least that’s what he says, remembering that they’re on loan. And no cinephile’s tour is complete without a stop at a sizable screen, the one showing Turner Classic Movies, in which Marty has starred alongside Steven Spielberg and Paul Thomas Anderson. But the best part might be when Francesca addresses her father’s controversial statements that Marvel movies aren’t cinema, saying: “We are movie lovers, of course we will tell you what movie Really is” before the camera pans to a raised eyebrow Marty.

Francesca and Martin Scorsese have had a lot of fun with their TikTok videos in the past, mostly at the expense of the octogenarian director, who would go on to say that his daughter tricked him into viral hits. In one, we saw Scorsese gesturing with just his head to pick out some of his favorite movies, while another found him trying to decipher Gen Z’s almost incomprehensible slang.

No one would have expected Martin Scorsese to be a viral sensation, but with content like this, we’re all here for it!

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