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Gwangyang Steel Works Screens Film “Buried Grave” for Employees and Citizens at Baekun Art Hall – POSCO Newsroom

by Pansy Robbins

In collaboration with I CGV, the latest releases are screened at Baekun Art Hall… The film “Breakfast” will be screened from the 22nd to the 24th.
I Any citizen of Gwangyang can visit… Starting this year, the latest releases will be screened once a month.

Gwangyang Steel Works (director Lee Dong-ryeol) plans to screen the currently released film “Pastoral” at the Baekun Art Hall in Geumho-dong, Gwangyang-si from the 22nd to the 24th to allow employees and citizens to enjoy a cultural high quality culture. Content.

This year, Baekun Art Hall began screening first-run films so that Gwangyang Steel Works employees and local residents can watch the latest films currently showing in real movie theaters. In collaboration with CGV, we plan to screen the latest films currently released in theaters at Baekun Art Hall every month. The Baekun Art Hall plans to allow anyone in Gwangyang to watch films.

Baekun Art Hall will screen the film “Pamyo”, which attracts attention in Changan, at the theater during the weekend of 22nd to 24th. “Pamyo”, which exceeded 8 million viewers in just 4 weeks after its release , is expected to become the first “10 million film” this year. The screening of the film will take place from Friday 22 to Sunday 24 from 4:00 p.m.

The Baekun Art Hall plans to regularly screen first-run films every month so that citizens can watch a variety of the latest films that suit their tastes throughout the year. In particular, it is expected to improve convenience and accessibility for employees and local residents by showing films on weekends, Friday through Sunday.

Particularly, this film screening is significant as a cultural event held after the first performance hall improvement project of Baekun Art Hall. Baekun Art Hall began construction of a performance hall improvement project in July last year to provide quality cultural content for citizens and promote convenience for users, and was completed in January last year. Thanks to this concert hall improvement project, the aging lighting and sound system, used for more than 30 years, was replaced by the most recent equipment, thus making it possible to offer citizens a combination of more vivid sound and colorful lighting.

In addition, it is expected to establish itself as the highest-level art venue in the region by installing LED moving projectors, a surround sound speaker system for cinema halls and an ultra-high resolution 4K projector meeting the global cinema standards. Baekun Art Hall announced the start of this year's cultural event with a guest discussion concert by director Son Woong-jung which took place on the 6th and received a great response from employees.

A citizen from Gwangyang said, “These days, ticket prices for movies, shows and various conferences have really risen, and I am very happy to be able to enjoy various cultural events in a city art hall.” such quality in my neighborhood. He added, “I am very happy that the cultural events that will be held at Baekun Art Hall this year are “and I am looking forward to them even more,” he said.

An official from Gwangyang Steel Works said, “In 2024, Baekun Art Hall will take the lead so that more citizens can comfortably enjoy culture and arts through various content plans that reflect citizens' interests and tastes. »

Meanwhile, Baekun Art Hall has brought various cultural and artistic performances, such as concerts, plays, magic shows and musicals, to the local community since its opening in 1992. In order to provide cultural life of high quality to citizens, ▲installation of an outdoor terrace, ▲construction of a new cafe in the lobby, ▲Major renovations were also carried out, including the replacement of the lobby interior and the replacement of seats and flooring of the performance hall.

▲Overview of the Baekun Art Hall of the Gwangyang Steel Plant.

▲Gwangyang Steel Works will screen the upcoming film “Buried Grave” at Baekun Art Hall from the 22nd to the 24th.

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