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KT “Genie TV has plenty to see at the end of the year and at Christmas”: Nate News

by Pansy Robbins

Special cinemas including the latest popular films, Harry Potter, Disney and Kids Land are organized.
There is also a generous giveaway event via lottery.

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KT announced on the 19th that a variety of attractions have been prepared on Genie TV for the New Year and Christmas holidays. /provided by KT

[더팩트 | 이한림 기자] To celebrate the end of year and Christmas holidays, KT is preparing a multitude of attractions and events through Genie TV, its IPTV platform.

KT announced on the 19th that it would offer various attractions through Genie TV throughout the Christmas season and until the end of the year through “Good Bye 2023”, “Back to Hogwarts”, “Must Have Disney” and “Kids Land Christmas Special.” '.

First, the “Good Bye 2023” special room will be created by carefully selecting the latest films currently showing in theaters and the 30 most popular films by genre this year. The special room will be open from December 22 to 31 and 2,023 people will be randomly drawn from customers who have purchased at least one of the last 12 films, and will be selected as LG Stand By Me (3 people), Kyochon Chicken (200 people) and Star. An event will also be organized to offer gifts such as the Bugs cup (50 people) and the Starbucks Café Latte T (300 people). You can apply for the event directly from the TV screen using the remote control after purchasing the movie content.

In addition, during the Christmas period, Harry Potter series and Disney films that the whole family can watch together are newly organized in special rooms.

At the special “Return to Hogwarts” cinema you can watch the entire Harry Potter film series, and when you purchase all Harry Potter series films or rewatch previously purchased Harry Potter series films , you will be entered into a lottery to receive a Tokyo Harry Potter Studio Tour (3 days and 2 nights, 2 people). ), tickets to the Warner Bros. 100th Anniversary Exhibition. (2 per person, 30 people), a mini Harry Potter trunk (6 people), etc.

The special “Must Have Disney” room attracts attention by bringing together around sixty films affiliated with Disney. 500 people who purchased a movie at the special cinema will be drawn and will receive a 30,000 won gasoline gift certificate.

We also organize a “special Christmas theater” for children. Kids Land, Genie TV's dedicated menu for infants and toddlers, offers a collection of a total of 1,500 popular Christmas animations and nursery rhymes for free. A “Kids Land Christmas Gift Party” event will take place where 200 people who watch special theater content will be randomly selected to receive one of seven popular toys, including a Pororo punching bag, a Tayo Dinosaur playset Island and a Mecard. ball. .

Kim Hoon-bae, Executive Director of KT's Media Platform Business Division, said: “Genie TV will continue to be Korea's representative 'media portal' service, allowing you to enjoy everything from OTT and YouTube, as well as the latest movies on Genie TV. originals and animations for children, on a big screen TV, in the most convenient way. “I will do my best to make this happen,” he said.

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