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HBO Max finds its wonderful twins for starring roles in an upcoming movie

by Stewart Cole

HBO Max found its Wonder Twins as Riverdale‘s KJ Apa and 1883Isabel May has been cast in the lead roles for the upcoming live-action comedy.

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According to a report by DeadlineApa will play Zan and May will play Jayna, the two characters better known as The Wonder Twins, a pair of cosmic superheroes who have the ability to take various shapes when joined.

Not much is known about the exact plot of the upcoming comedy, but it will be directed by Adam Sztykiel, who will make his directorial debut after working on the upcoming DC movie. Black Adam as a writer. Production on the film is set to begin sometime this summer.

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It first debuted in the animated television series The brand new Super Friends Hour in 1977, the Wonder Twins quickly became a favorite duo of fans and would make their own appearances in other comics, such as Super Friends, The Biggest Super Friends of the Worldand Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show. The pair of twins comes from an ancient race of alien shapers and can activate their powers by touching their hands and saying the phrase “Wonder Twin powers, activate!”

Typically, Jayna is able to transform into any animal, while Zan has the ability to become a variety of things, but was originally designed with the power to turn into water in any state (solid, liquid or gas). It remains to be seen how DC and HBO will handle a live-action version of the couple, however.

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