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Hopefully it will be an exciting 2022 for me: Rakul Preet Singh | Bollywood

by Stewart Cole

With six films set to release, actor Rakul Preet Singh has high hopes for the New Year. “Next year will be very important for me. “I wish people like my work and that a lot of appreciation comes”, says the actor.

Currently shooting for Chhatriwali in Laknou, the Sardar Mrs. Grandson The actor says, “I’m very excited about 2022. Due to the pandemic, fortunately, some projects have been delayed, so next year many will see the light of day. There is so much variety in my choice of roles as each character is completely different from each other. Right now the only recall value the public has is his De Pyaar De but so much work has been done for the post that I’m waiting for the audience to react. ”

Speaking to us about her upcoming projects, she says, “In the first six months we will see four of my releases starting with Attack with John Abraham, Runaway 34 with Amitji (Bachchan) and Ajay (Devgn) sir, Doctor G. with Ayushmann (Khurrana) followed by Thank God. Meanwhile, in the second half of the year Chhatriwali will be released as we return here after Mr. Akshay (Kumar)’s film (Send Cinderella) in progress.”

Following the Lucknow program, Singh is set to take a 10-day New Year’s Eve break with friends before filming Akshay. The city has just been used as a location as the film takes place in Karnal (Haryana).

The Aiyaari and On the berry The actor has been in the city for 45 days. “I had to make a list here. I went to Ghantaghar (Clock Tower), Bhool Bhulaiya (Imambara) and Ambedkar Park. “I have heard so much about Lakhnavi kebabs, but I had no idea that the city is a complete package of heritage, culture, history and modernity at the same time.”

Singh recently watched movies Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui and Sooryavanshi in theaters. “My parents also visited me in Lucknow, so I took them shopping and going to the movies.”

The actor enjoying the Basket Chaat on Lucknow (Instagram)

In love with Awadhi cuisine, the actor shares: “I have become a fan of Lakhnavi food. I’ve been to a food spree – from basket chaat, tikki, royal chaat, bun-maska, chaai, samosa to galawati kebab. I’m not on a diet; I follow the correct diet and quantity control. I skip meals during the day, so it is like an intermittent fast and also the food I had in the past is well assimilated “.

On the new fear of the virus, he says, “Today we have Omicron, tomorrow we may have something else, so it has become a way of life. We have to be careful either in the sets or anywhere in the world. We try often and follow protocols. “We have to fight the virus by getting vaccinated and taking precautions.”

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