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Intense new horror film that is said to cause audiences to pass out and throw up

by Stewart Cole

Since then, killer clowns in cinema have been a bit quiet in recent years This: Chapter 2 hit theaters, but a sequel to a beloved indie slasher film is making waves in theaters, in both good and bad ways.

Terrifier 2 it was a top 10 box office hit, taking in around $1 million on a budget of less than $250,000, according to Entertainment Weekly. The film, from the mind of writer-director Damien Leone, is thrilling most of the theatergoers. However, there is information that does not handle evil in the best way.

According to users on social media, Terrifier 2 is causing audiences to call an ambulance, rush to the bathroom, or simply do their best to get out of the theater. People have hit social media with reports that friends had “died” and some people were “punching loudly and loudly in the bathroom”.

While this should please Leone and the creative forces behind the film, the director also wants people to be safe while enjoying the film. “Listen, I would love to have some walkouts, I think that’s kind of an honor because it’s an intense movie,” Leone said. “I don’t want people to pass out, get hurt during the movie. But it’s surreal. This is the thing, it’s called Terrifier 2, you should probably see Terrifier 1 before you jump into it. If you see Terrifier 1, you’ll you know what you’re getting into.

“There’s an infamous murder scene, a hacksaw scene, in Part I that everyone walks away talking about. We tried to compete with that scene [in the new film] because the really supportive fan base that we’ve had all this time, it’s really starting to put Art on a pedestal,” he continued. “I mean, these are the things they really want. I think this film is more accessible, but essentially we’re still making these films for them, and if other people want to be involved, so much the better.”

He’s not wrong. I see Terrifier if you plan to see Terrifier 2. It’s actually a sequel, even if that’s a loose term in the realm of slasher movies. The original film was released in 2016, starring David Howard Thornton as Art the Killer Clown. He’s a quiet, bloodthirsty menace, with Thornton winning the role soon after appearing in his audition.

“When I auditioned he was only the sixth person that came in and once I saw him I basically shut it down after that,” Leone says of Thornton. “He has this amazing, almost mute quality to his performance and he’s been influenced by Mr. Bean and the Marx Brothers. When I saw him do his performance, I was like, wow, this is really going to allow me to turn Clown Art into real clowning.”

You can also catch Thornton as The Grinch parody of the slasher The Average. Terrifier is available to rent on your favorite platformswhile streaming for free, with some ads, on Roku Channel, Vudu, Tubi and more. Terrifier 2 is currently in theaters but will begin streaming on November 2, 2022.

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