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Is the new animated film Luck starring Eva Noblezada on Netflix?

by Stewart Cole

Broadway star Eva Noblezada makes her voice acting debut in a new animated film, Luck! He calls Sam Greenfield, the unluckiest man in the world. The highly anticipated film debuted on August 5.

She is joined in the cast by Simon Pegg as the lucky black cat Bob, Whoopi Goldberg leads the Land of Luck as the Captain, Jane Fonda plays the CEO of Good Luck The Dragon and Colin O’Donoghue takes on the role of the loyal leprechaun Gerry.

During the summer, parents look for great kids’ shows and movies to watch together as a family. Well, this certainly fits the bill! The new movie is now streaming, so where can you watch it?

Is the movie Luck on Netflix?

Unfortunately, the animated film is not a Netflix original. Now you can stream Luck on Apple TV+.The streaming service partnered with Skydance Animation to create the fantasy comedy.

If you’re a Netflix-only subscriber, I know this isn’t the news you wanted to hear. There are so many streaming services right now to watch and pay for. If you really want to watch the movie, then Apple TV+ offers a 7-day free trial, followed by the $4.99/month subscription.

What is luck?

The computer-animated film follows the unluckiest man in the world, 18-year-old Sam Greenfield. She is determined to help her young friend Hazel find her forever family, as Sam never did growing up in the foster care system. He ends up finding a lucky penny that comes from the lucky black cat Bob.

Although the young woman accidentally flushes it down the toilet. Needing another to help Hazel, the young woman finds herself in the Land of Fortune, a place where no man has set foot. So far. The magical world is where animals and creatures work behind the scenes to create the lucky and unlucky moments in our lives. Sam’s quest to turn her luck around leads her on an adventure into fantasyland where she may learn that there is a power even greater than luck.

Luck now streaming on Apple TV+.

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