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Jacqueline Fernandez recreates Cindy Crawford’s iconic commercial for PEPSI® BLACK

by Joe Bourn

New Delhi: Intending to offer more positive choices to today’s health-conscious consumers, Pepsi® for the first time, is launching a brand campaign for the zero-calorie variant of Pepsi® Black. The new ‘Max Taste with Zero Sugar’ campaign celebrates the balance of taste and health. The campaign recreates Cindy Crawford’s most iconic Pepsi® commercial with Bollywood diva Jacqueline Fernandez.

The film is set in an isolated vintage gas station where two young boys are seen filling up their tanks. A girl on a bicycle soon comes to the gas station. She is then seen parking her bike and removing her helmet to reveal that the girl on the bike is Jacqueline Fernandez, sporting denim shorts and a white tank top. The film shows Jacqueline taking a sip from a can of Pepsi® Black. The boys seem impressed and the film keeps you guessing whether they are excited by Jacqueline’s presence or by the new Pepsi® Black – only to innocently reveal that all this while the boys were fascinated by the new Pepsi® Black. The enchanting film ends by reiterating that the new Pepsi® Black promises you maximum taste with zero sugar.

Speaking about the launch, Saumya Rathor, Category Head, Pepsi Cola, PepsiCo India, said, “With more and more people looking for sugar-free alternatives, especially post-pandemic, and with the intention of bringing more positive choices to consumers us, they are all set to launch the new Pepsi Black that brings maximum taste without sugar.”

“It was also great to work once again with the beautiful Jacqueline Fernandez who perfectly matched our vision of recreating Cindy Crawford’s iconic commercial. We are confident that this campaign will make waves here as it did globally and will be loved by our audience,” he added.

Commenting on the new film, Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez said, “I have always admired Pepsi’s iconic ad and always looked forward to working with the brand. It was very special to recreate Cindy Crawford’s timeless ad and I’m honored to bring it to life for today’s new generation of SWAGs. It was a blast shooting this ad and I’m sure the new Zero Sugar Pepsi Black will appeal to consumers across India, as it did to me.”

The new Pepsi® Black takes the brand’s commitment to continuous innovation and reiterates its belief “Win with pep+”. The new Pepsi® Black TVC will be reinforced through a powerful 360-degree campaign spanning TV, digital, outdoor and social media. The new matte boxes are available across all modern and traditional retail outlets in India as well as leading e-commerce platforms.

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