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James Cameron Already Looking Ahead for ‘Avatar 3’ as ‘Warrior Nun’ Fandom Shifts Tactics

by Stewart Cole

Viewer’s response to James Cameron’s second Avatar The flick is very middle of the road.

On the one hand, the film has already won just under $2 billion at the checkout. That’s an impressive number by anyone’s standards, but it might not even be enough for him imagination movie to break yet. With that in mind, and coupled with the lackluster reaction from both critics and audiences, the film is starting to look more and more like an aggressively average release. That’s not great news for Cameron, who is already planning the third entry in his expensive saga, which is planned as a five-film series.

Maybe Cameron will find the time – he should Avatar 3 to take place — to fit in some of the scenes that didn’t make the 3-hour cut The Water Road. There was plenty of action left on the cutting room floor, including a reported space battle, and curious fans will want to know more.

Despite Cameron’s passion, Avatar doesn’t have the public’s favor on his side, but another fantasy series certainly does. Warrior Nun was canceled on Netflix more than two months ago, but fans are still trying to see the series continue. They first appealed to Netflix, before turning their focus to alternative streaming options, and now the show’s dedicated fan base is changing tack once again.

James Cameron hints at what fans can expect Avatar 3

via 20th Century Studios

Fans of a completely different Avatar The franchise may not be thrilled to learn that the next film in James Cameron’s series is set to switch to a new element. The third film is said to enter fire Na’vias well as another group of natives of Pandora, and along the way follow the Last AirbenderIts setup pretty much to a T. All Cameron is missing is Earth and Air oriented Na’vi.

The Warrior Nun The fan base isn’t giving up without a fight — or three

Thanks to 'Warrior Nun', fans are noticing a sinister theme among canceled Netflix shows
Image: Netflix

The campaign to save Warrior Nun continues, in full force, since the show was canceled in late 2022. Fans of the popular Netflix series want to someone for help to bring the series back for a third season – and hopefully several more – despite the lack of success previous campaigns had seen. They’re running out of options, but they’re certainly not running out of excitement.

The Water Road it almost featured a space battle and fans are excited

avatar the way of water
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The latest entry on James Cameron Avatar The show continues to make a lot of money, and that’s without the huge space battles that draw viewers to shows like Star Wars. The Water Road reportedly almost followed in this sci-fi trend with a battle of her own, but the realization that it didn’t fit the overall plot of the film led to the space battle being abandoned. Here’s hoping it shows up in the future Avatar release.

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