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Jessica Camacho in her new holiday movie A Christmas Proposal

by Stewart Cole

Now, to touch on that a little bit, correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t “All Rise” the first show to do a pandemic? Weren’t you the first to do this episode on Zoom? It’s correct?

I think yes, yes. I think we were like the first show that is running right now, which is currently airing on primetime that we did a virtual episode, so it was huge. And now it’s equivalent to the lesson, right? I mean, they’re talk shows, they’re all kinds of shows and movies. It’s a rule now, but it was really new and very challenging and exciting. I took a photo in my closet and the lighting setting was reduced to a small lamp with clips I put on my phone, and lo and behold, that was the setting. Well, yes, it’s very nice to be in the forefront of this new, I guess, adventure.

At the time, you had the feeling: “Are we really starting new ground here on TV?” Or was it more like something to go on?

I think at the time it was like, “The show has to go on.” We wanted to finish it. we wanted to finish what we started. That was our goal. It’s like, “Well, let’s finish this thing, and what do we do? Okay, so we’m doing this, eh? Okay. Well, let’s go!” And you all just follow the flow and you are not sure how it will come out or be seen or heard or received. But there was something in this light in all this darkness at that time, which was darkness. It is like fear while experiencing isolation. It was nice to have this huge challenge just to get our attention in our minds and give us something to focus on. And I’m really glad it turned out that way. It touched a lot of people. I think a lot of people were able to have an impact and relate to it, and it brought a light to the darkness that a lot of people were experiencing. I had the honor of being a part of it.

Yes, and as you mentioned, many other shows, I think, saw it and said, “Hey, you know what? We can do that too.”

Yes, yes, amazing, that is beautiful. I am so ready for things to return to normal and slowly it is. But what is normal now? I think we are experiencing, we all said, the new normal, but it is one thing to say that and say, “Oh, is there a new normal?” But then it’s another thing to really accept day by day that, yes, this is really the new normal, and we still do not know what it looks like. But I think the only thing we can do is keep doing it step by step.

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