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Kriti Sanon for script selection after her superhit, Mimi, “I like to take risks and try something new” | Hindi Movie News

by Stewart Cole
Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon has indeed come a long way with rich content and commercial projects, she chooses to work. With her latest film “Mimi”, the actress has proven her ability in a woman-centered film, playing the female protagonist.

Speaking about the film on a news portal, the actress shared: “When Mimi came, I felt like the perfect film to play as the main protagonist. Yes, it made me nervous because I was supposed to be in every frame of the film, and if I stumbled somewhere , the whole movie could collapse ”

He added, “The character was also emotionally heavy in the second half. I think these scenes satisfied me as an actor. “I like to be challenged and in a situation that scares me, makes me nervous and makes me wonder how to do that.”

She continues to talk about her change of roles from Mimi, “After Mimi, I got a lot of calls and messages. People started to take me a lot more seriously as an actor and it’s something I felt after the release of Bareilly Ki Barfi, because before that I had done glamorous roles. Bareilly Ki Barfi was a bit de-glam, people saw the actor in me more than my appearance. I remember seeing some change in the kind of work I got after that. “With Mimi, I think it is enhanced.”

Adding to more flexible roles, Crete said: “When an actress makes a film that focuses on a female protagonist and receives praise for it, the tendency is to be attracted to more such works only. I do not want to take I like to take more risks and try something new. I want to give my audience something different to see. And I will, but yes, that will not stop me from making other kinds of films. they see me in all colors ”

He continued, “I want to be in a totally massive fun movie and at the same time, I also want to make a movie that has a strong message and says something important that I believe in. I’m just as excited as Bachchan Pandey, who is a complete entertainer, as I talk about my first horror comedy, Bhediya. Then there’s a lot of action in Ganapath, and Adipurush is based on history and mythology is a whole different world to me. “To be able to make all these kinds of films in a year and a half – I can not ask for anything more.”

Kriti, meanwhile, will soon appear in “Shehzada”, “Bachchan Pandey”, “Adipurush”, “Ganapath” and “Bhediya”.

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