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“Like We Were Shooting a Movie”: Ronnie Fieg at Casting Giancarlo Esposito in KITH’s Last Campaign

by Stewart Cole

For his latest collection, Ronnie Fig pulls from the screen, big and small.

“My passion for cinema started at a young age. “The way I look and tell stories has been shaped and these things are very important to me and to the brand,” said Fieg, the founder and creative director of KITH. Vanity fair via email.

So it made sense that Fieg (that counts The Godfather as his favorite movie: “No joke, I think I’ve seen it more than 150 times.”) he would turn to Hollywood to bring his plans to life, casting actors like Adrien Brody, Steve Buscemi, Bobby Cannavale, Michael J. Fox, Michael ImperioliRay Liotta and Michael K. Williams in his campaigns.

Giancarlo Esposito is the latest face of KITH, modeling the brand’s summer collection in a sunny campaign photographed in the Goldstein Residencea Los Angeles landmark designed by architect John Lautner.

Courtesy of KITH.

Courtesy of KITH.

“He is an incredible actor and I have been a fan of his work for a long time,” Fieg said of Esposito’s decision to present this season. “The first time I remember seeing him was as a Buggin ‘Out in Do the right thingbut it has so many incredible roles. Mo Better Blues, Malcolm Xand Ali are just a few. But there is nothing like Gus Fring’s interpretation of Breaking Bad. I think Fring is one of the top 5 bad guys in any movie or TV show. “Always relaxed, always on call, you thought he was unbeatable.”

While his actors may have initially drawn Fieg to Better Call Saul Lighting for the project, it was his off-screen behavior that really illuminated the Esposito range.

“Meeting Giancarlo really showed me how talented an actor he is, because in real life he is so charismatic and extroverted. “So different from Gus,” Fiegg remarked. “Working with him was a lot of fun. We send messages to each other from the shooting. “

And as viewers are accustomed to seeing Esposito radiate to the camera, he emits a different kind of energy to the campaign. Wandering around Goldstein Residence on a hazy day, gazing at the Los Angeles skyline in a way that seems to capture probability and lethargy synonymous with suffocating summer days.

“I liked shooting there,” Fieg said. “The location sets the tone for the emotional connection. “It was really like shooting a movie because of how beautiful the place was and how cinematic the shots were.”

Meanwhile, Goldstein Residence, which has been featured in movies like The Great Lebowski, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and much more, it did more than serve as a backdrop. The property itself influenced pieces such as buttons and swimsuits shorts in bandana and vintage floral patterns.

Courtesy of KITH.

Courtesy of KITH.

“When we design collections, it is strongly inspired by where I see it worn. Goldstein Residence, where we filmed the campaign, was the perfect setting for the product. “It’s also an iconic movie location, so it married these two worlds to me,” Fieg said.

As the temperature rises and his latest collection is now availableFieg hopes to draw some inspiration from his summer travels.

“Many of the color palettes I have used in products or collections have been inspired by different places I have visited. “I’m celebrating my 40th birthday this summer and I look forward to traveling and relaxing with my wife for a few weeks,” he said.

And I hope to watch some movies too.

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