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Matchbox cars movie is the latest toy project to come from Mattel – Film Stories

by Stewart Cole

Mattel continues to turn its hottest toy products into movies, with the announcement of a Matchbox movie based on its line of toy cars.

We know we’re getting one Barbie movie, but toy company Mattel also has several other toy lines in the works to be made into movies as well. The long pregnancy Masters Of The Universe work, UN and even Polly Pocket are all somewhere on the adaptation path, on their way to becoming movies with Mattel hoping to ride the wave of success that some game-to-movie adaptations have enjoyed in recent years.

While it seems to us that some of these games listed above could work as movies, others seem like a long shot at best, but that hasn’t stopped the game maker from giving another of its products the movie. The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Mattel will partner with Skydance Media to develop a movie based on the Matchbox toy line.

According to Mattel, a Matchbox car is sold every second, so there’s definitely that all important “pre-awareness” for the movie that is, it seems, all that’s needed to get a project like this off the ground.

In what seems like well-planned corporate synergy, Matchbox rebranded this year, with a greater emphasis on sustainability.

The script for the film will be written by David Coggesall, who wrote the Paramount project Orphan: First Kill and Lee Daniels’ planned (but untitled) Netflix thriller. We’ll bring you more on that as we hear about it.

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