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Mukesh Khanna Shares Updates On Upcoming Movie Based On Classic 90s TV Show

by Joe Bourn

The long awaited movie Shaktimaan is in the works. Last year, Sony Pictures India announced its plans to bring Shaktimaan on the big screen. Recently, Mukesh Khanna shared some updates about the venture.

In a recent video he uploaded on his YouTube channel, Bheeshm Internationalthe actor shared that he is not allowed to make any appearances of Shaktimaan stand up now as the makers don’t want any comparison between him and the protagonist. He also hinted that he was part of the film. He said, “I will be in the film, Shaktimaan cannot be done without me, everyone knows that.”

A big production with a global vision: Shaktimaan’s international ambitions

(Mukesh Khanna shares updates on Shaktimaan | Image: Twitter)

Mukesh Khanna confirmed that the Shaktimaan film is definitely happening and that it is developing on an “international level”. The production has garnered considerable attention, with an estimated budget of 200-300 crores. Sony Pictures, known for its work on films such as Spiderman, is leading the project. Despite the inevitable delays, the team remains committed to bringing the iconic superhero to the big screen.

Secrecy and avoidance of comparison: Casting and creative choices

(A hangout of Mukesh Khanna from Shaktimaan | Image: Twitter)

Secrecy around the Shaktimaan the film was a top priority. While specific details remain unknown, Mukesh Khanna has assured fans that the project is progressing steadily. The identity of the actor who will star in his role Shaktimaan, as well as other cast members, is being kept under wraps. The actor also revealed that he will not appear as Shaktimaan in the film so that the new actor can bring a fresh perspective to the character and avoid unfavorable comparisons. Ranveer Singh will reportedly play the lead role in the film.

Shaktimaan Revival: The Return of a Beloved Superhero

(A still from Mukesh Khanna’s Shaktimaan | Image: Twitter)

Shaktimaan, a creation born from the visionary mind of Mukesh Khanna, holds a special place in the hearts of fans. The superhero series, which first mesmerized the audience in September 1997 on Doordarshan, remained popular for eight memorable years. Mukesh Khanna acknowledged the enduring popularity of superhero shows among children, which inspired him to create his beloved character Shaktimaan.

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