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Netflix has just unveiled its most popular movies

by Stewart Cole

Netflix has boosted its original movie content lately and for good reason: its new releases are gaining traction.

While the quality of his original films is mixed – for every The Irishman there is a Do-Over – millions of hours are spent watching them.

When you watch this week’s most popular movies, about 26 million hours have been spent watching the new number one The In Between, a movie starring Joey King of The Kissing Booth, which debuted at Paramount +.

Although huge, this number is far behind the number of views that the following greatest Netflix movies have received.

Netflix’s most popular movies have been revealed

Netflix recently updated its list of most popular movies (English) – and has a new listing.

Ryan Reynold’s The Adam Project entered the top 10 at number 4 and has established the actor as Netflix MVP.

He participates in three impressive films in the current top 10, also starring in the number one Red Notice and in the 6 Underground which has the 9th place.

Adam Project, a time travel story that sees a fighter pilot work with his younger self to save the world, is part of Reynolds’s informal trilogy with director Shawn Levy. The first movie they made together was Disney Plus Free Guy and the third movie was confirmed as Deadpool 3.

One of the other stars of The Adam Project, Mark Ruffalo was very happy with the news, writing on Twitter with a lot of love for the launch of the film in the top 5.

The official top 10, along with the showtimes for the first 28 days are as follows:

  • Red notice: 364,020,000
  • Don’t Look Up: 359,790,000
  • Bird Box: 282,020,000
  • The Adam Project: 233,150,000
  • Mining: 231,340,000
  • The Unforgivable: 214,700,000
  • The Irish: 214,570,000
  • The Kissing Booth 2: 209,250,000
  • 6 Basement: 205,470,000
  • Spenser Confidential: 197,320,000

If you want to watch regular movie and TV releases, go to the watch list now.

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