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Neve Campbell reveals how she helped shape the latest ‘Scream’-Play

by Stewart Cole

Neve Campbell, the last girl and Scream The Queen is preparing for her return as Sidney Prescott in the last addition in January Scream privilege. Campbell is and has always been an integral part of it Scream story, and without it, the movies would not have progressed at all.

Maureen Prescott, Sidney’s mom, was Ghostface’s first victim and the reason why Sidney’s friend Billy had his number one goal was to target her directly. Maureen had an affair with Billy’s dad, which sparked a series of bloodshed.

Sydney survived the ordeal by shooting her once-dreamed friend in the head and continued to be a force in the franchise. So what does Campbell have to say about going back to Scream and knowing Sidney so well that he was able to assist in the script writing process?

“I think in the same way that if you work in a TV series, you know a character so well because you play him for so many years. It’s the same with a franchise. I grew up with Sydney, Sydney has grown up with me and I know the different developmental situations she has been through and where she would be now. “The screenwriters and directors were very open and it was a nice creative process,” he said Entertainment Weekly.

Although Campbell did not personally write the screenplay, knowing her character as well as herself made her an excellent soundboard for screenwriters. Campbell is a legend in Scream franchise and, consequently, the kind of horror in general, so it makes sense to use it after 25 years of attachment to movies.

Scream is coming out in theaters on January 14th and we look forward to seeing what will follow for our favorite final girl.

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