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New Japanese movies and series are coming to Netflix in January 2022

by Stewart Cole

2022 already? The beginning of the year is an exciting time for film and television, with the Golden Globes scheduled for early January and then the Oscars in March. It’s an equally special moment for Netflix, as the streaming platform prepares for another big year with acquisitions and original productions.

You already have a sneak peek at some of the most exciting projects set for the coming months, but before its release ‘Love is blind Japanor Netflix collaborations with Hirokazu Kore-eda, we have a series of new shows and movies scheduled for January. See what you need to watch to start your year right (note: regional restrictions may apply).

The journalist

Summary: Anna Matsuda is a journalist for the Toto newspaper – an agency with a reputation for covering controversial issues and tough news. When Anna catches a political scandal, she decides to reveal shocking secrets kept secret by corrupt government officials. But with powerful enemies who would do anything to silence her, the journalist’s mission becomes more dangerous as she approaches the scandal.

OVERVIEW: The six-episode series is directed by Michihito Fuji, who is also behind the eponymous 2019 film adaptation. plot, enabling it to surpass its predecessor. Contributing to a screenplay by Yoshitatsu Yamada and Kazuhisa Kotera, both of whom are considered screenwriters in the hit series “The Naked Director”, there is good reason to be excited that this original Netflix production will be released worldwide.

Available January 13th.

The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese

Summary: Kyoichi Otomo is a married employee, but that does not stop him from pursuing a series of occasional cases behind his wife’s back. Kyoichi’s wife, Chikako, suspects that her husband is unfaithful and hires a man named Wataru Imagase to spy on Kyoichi and confirm her suspicions. Wataru, however, knows Kyoichi from university and has even been excited about him for years. When Wataru meets Kyochi for the first time in several years, he makes an unexpected proposal to protect Kyoichi’s secrets from his wife.

OVERVIEW: Directed by Isao Yukisada, “The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese” is a well-crafted film adaptation of Setona Mizushiro’s manga BL series (boys’ love). Starring Tadayoshi Okura as Kyoichi and Ryo Narita as Wataru, the story approaches between the deep sad longing and the countless joys that come with being in love.

Available January 11th.

The Orbital Children

Summary: It is 2045 and Japan has built its first space station designed for children. While space travel has become a common feature of everyday life, disaster strikes when a group of children are left behind at the station with no means of returning home and no adults to help them. With limited resources, the five children begin to think about how to survive.

OVERVIEW: Created by master animator Mitsuo Iso whose titles include “Ghost in the Shell” (1995) and “Kill Bill” (2003), “Orbital Children” is a two-part, six-episode series that explores our society and the way we experience a space adventure in a futuristic dystopia. Netflix will release the first part of the series worldwide this January, while the second part will follow in February.

Available on January 28.

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