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New Peacock TV shows and movies for December 2021

by Stewart Cole

Christmas is just around the corner, and all we can do now is eat a ton of pizza and watch Christmas movies over and over again. With the help of Peacock, we have even more festive material to enjoy. Below you will find a complete list of all the new Peacock series and movies that are scheduled to premiere in December 2021.

Well, let’s get started.

Back to the Future

The legacy of Back to the Future as a classic movie is undeniable. He made Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox famous names and introduced a generation to the concept of flow capacitor. As Robert Zemeckis has stated that the sequel is not on paper, we can be sure that the original series will be memorable and will be marred by bad remakes.

This science fiction, adventure and adulthood comedy combines flawless genres and timelines. It is a train of emotions, with a lot of heart. When Marty McFly, a teenager, is mistakenly sent back in time by oddball scientist Doc Brown, he interrupts his parents’ meeting, threatening their love and current existence. As a result, a cult classic movie was created.

Good friends

It has not been long since the film, the title delivers one of the most talked about and well-known lines of all time “For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.” After that, it does not slow down at all. For more than three decades, Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) chronicles the peaks and depths of the Brooklyn Mafia in Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece.

You may not notice how tight the rope has become until the closing scene with the white joint, which is completely seductive at first because of all the grandeur and danger. Goodfellas’s hype, talent and content have earned him a reputation and his impact can be seen in countless subsequent movies and TV shows.

Notting Hill

The phrase “I’m just a girl, I’m standing in front of a boy and begging him to love her” will always make us anxious. I’m talking about the 1993 romantic comedy Notting Hill, starring Hugh Grant as a British bookstore who falls in love with a dazzling international movie star (Julia Roberts).

Incredibly romantic but down-to-earth, he explores the real-life implications of flirting with an A-list icon. their romantic relationships. If you have not seen it yet, there is no excuse not to do it.


Like we need another Christmas baking show, I know what you’re saying in your mind. We definitely do it when hosted by Maya Rudolph and Andy Samberg. Bakery products are judged by four grandmothers who love the candidates and believe they are better than the other eight competing teams.

In their interactions with the participants and with each other, Samberg and Rudolph appear as natural in their roles as singers, funny and mocking. The candidates on the show come from a wide variety of backgrounds and mention a wide variety of holidays. Baking It is a pleasure to see it.

Long Way North

Although not widely recognized, this beautiful children’s animated film has a strong emotional impact. Sasha, a 15-year-old aristocrat from St. Petersburg in the late 1800s, is at the center of this story. With an ardent desire to find out the truth about her grandfather’s disappearance and clear up her family name, she finds a ship and embarks on a arduous voyage to the harsh northern region.

An epic adventure and ethical story, Long Way North explores issues of independence and compassion in a fascinating and heartfelt way. However, the unique aesthetics of the 80-minute film is what really sets it apart. In the Long Way North, the icy environment is beautiful and vibrant, despite its heavy environment.

So grab your popcorn or your hot coffee, whatever comes to mind, and start watching.

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