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New trend: Action + BGM Lifting Average Content

by Stewart Cole

There is this latest trend in Southern cinema these days. Even medium-sized movies have skyrocketed due to the exciting background rating.

Although many of the films are weak in emotional connection, they take advantage of a pulsating BGM that covers the lack of strong writing. BGMs of the masses make young people fall in love with movies regardless of the content.

Some recent movies like Vikram and KGF 2 have skyrocketed due to their excellent background ratings. Unfortunately, our films in Telugu are missing in this respect. Movies like Pushpa and Sarkaru Vari Paata could have a better impact if BGM was better than what was served. Even in Acharia, BGM was pathetic.

Many on social media say that Tamil music directors turn ordinary movies into unusual ones with the help of the excellent BGM, while even good movies in Telugu are trapped by the lower BGM.

Many internet users consider Anirudh to be the best music director to give a pulsating BGM these days. Thaman scored an amazing goal in the background for Akhanda, which was his lifeline, but he could not repeat the magic consistently. They say that DSP is struggling to find the right rhythm and bits.

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