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OAFF on Gehraiyaan: The music went well, I don’t think about the response to the film

by Joe Bourn

Tabaahi, the latest creation of singer Armaan Malik and composer-producer OAFF is a harmonious blend of mainstream Bollywood and pop music. Written by lyricist Abhiruchi Chand, the track talks about the disaster in love, when everything falls apart. During the promotion of the song, Armaan Malik and OAFF aka Kabeer Kathpalia talked about their creative process and unknown details from their collaboration.

Armaan Malik and OAFF decode Tabaahi

Tabaahi featured singer Armaan Malik and composer-producer OAFF.

“It’s about living these moments with your loved ones and complementing each other. I’ve noticed that a lot of people get stuck on a few lines from the song. They seem to resonate with the lines,” said OAFF, ​​reflecting on the audience reception. Tabaahi was released on May 5. “With this song, Abhiruchi put together the simplest of words and conveyed a very deep emotion.” singer Armaan added.

Working on independent songs is different from working on films. Walking us through the creative process, OAFF shared that he never thought of working with Armaan. He said, “It was an unexpected collaboration. I am very grateful. I never thought we’d both have the chance to build something together.”

She further reflected, “Armaan and I never met until we shot the video. The creation of the song was virtual. We never talked or communicated before that. Sometimes partnerships can go either way.” Most of their collaboration was done through Zoom calls.

“Sometimes you fill up well, sometimes not. But, with us, it felt like I was talking to someone I had known for a long time,” Armaan agreed to OAFF. The lyrics –Thoda thoda sa main hu, thoda thoda sa tu bhi hain–capture the essence of their collaboration. The singer stated, “We worked together and gave each other enough space to make it harmonious.

“Not many people would expect us to get together and do something because both of our separate styles are different. Even if we make pop music at the end of the day. In many ways, I felt like he was a brother from another mother.

“When we sat down together to work on the sound after shooting, we felt like why didn’t we do this sooner?” he smiled. While Armaan and OAFF have been lucky with their bond, it may not be the same case for all other musicians. “When there are two artists in the room there can be ego clashes, differences of opinion or musical differences. Surprisingly, with us, I felt none of this friction. We didn’t feel uncomfortable at any point. Sometimes people aren’t game to try something out of their comfort zone I’d say, but that’s where the magic happens. Whether you click or not, we clicked and how,” Armaan said.

“It was easy for me to trust Armaan because he is open to trying. This further builds confidence,” OAFF supported the singer.

OAFF on response to Gehraiyaan

Last year OAFF made its Bollywood debut with Gehraiyaan title piece. While the film received a mixed response, its soundtrack became the highlight of the Shakun Batra directorial. When asked if the response to the film left him disappointed, OAFF recalled, “The music did well. I don’t think about how the response of the film was. The songs are like a part of the movie. There are ten more parts to a movie. I’m just thankful that the songs did well and people were interested in the kind of aesthetic. If anything, they encourage me to make more music.”

Armaan Malik is an independent music artist

During the chat, Armaan also talked about his transition from films to independent music. “As an independent artist, you can do whatever you want. Being an independent artist is very liberating because I have been a Bollywood singer for most of my life now. In the last -6 years, I’ve made a transition to making pop music in gen. I never wanted to be a Bollywood singer. That’s just how life happened. Today there is no separation in music,” he replied if he was ever cornered in Bollywood.

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