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Pakistani actor Javed Sheikh wanted just ₹1 for the role of Om Shanti Om. Here’s why | Bollywood

by Joe Bourn

Pakistani actor Javed Sheikh’s recent comment during an interview did not go down well with some of his countrymen and women. The actor, who played Shah Rukh Khan’s father in the 2001 film Om Shanti Om, revealed how much he charged for his work in the film. (Read also: Yami Gautam says actors’ fees should be realistic)

Javed Sheikh’s comment

Javed Sheikh played a former superstar and Shah Rukh Khan’s father in Om Shanti Om.

In an interview with Gloss Etc, Javed was asked about his experience on the Farah Khan film. He was finalized for the film and later, there was a discussion about his payment. “Their manager came to me, said they had to sign the contract. I said yes’. “What will be your fee?” I said I won’t take money. The point is that first of all it is an honor for me to play Shah Rukh’s father in his biggest film ever. India has so many actors. You pick anyone and they will be ready to take on that role. But Shah Rukh and Farah Khan choosing me is an honor for me. That’s why, because of Farah and Shah Rukh, I won’t get any money.”

The manager refused to listen and said it was against the rules. They had a long discussion about it and Javed finally suggested, “Go and tell Shah Rukh that I will only take one rupee. I’m not kidding.” The film team then decided how much Javed should be paid. “When they sent me the first cheque, it was shocking.”

The negative reactions

According to website Reviewit.pk, Javed received some less than favorable reviews for his comments. Many thought he had no self-respect for not asking for money for his hard work. “That’s what you call having no self-respect. The man didn’t even charge a fee for his work,” wrote one. “I don’t know why they put Indian actors on such a pedestal,” commented another. “This man should have chosen at least a minimum professional wage. Why should someone look worthless in front of others,” one person commented. “Om, this is again to show them how few we are and you are our superior. About how big they are. You should get money for your work. Nobody works for free,” read another comment. “And you just humiliated yourself in front of them, worthless,” asked one person.

Javed Sheikh’s other roles

Apart from Om Shanti Om, Javed also worked in My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves and Namastey London, where he played Upen Patel’s father. When asked if Pakistani actors will work in Indian films again, he said, “Our political relations with Hindustan are not good these days, since the BJP came to power. Perhaps it would be better if a party other than the BJP comes to power.”


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