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‘Quantumania’ Inspiring Delusions in Its Cast and Crew as Kang’s Best Scene Left on the Cutting Room Floor

by Stewart Cole

Image via Marvel Studios

The first Ant man The film found that spending extended periods of time in the Quantum Realm can throw off your brain chemistry, and we can only assume that’s what happened to its cast and crew Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, as some of them make some rather bold claims about the widely hyped threequel. In the same spirit, Miracle can only plead insanity for cutting what would have been an epic fight scene with Kang the Conqueror…

Ant-Man 3 Graduates may actually be suffering from Quantumania after blasting critics and claiming some hard-to-believe truths

ant-man and the wasp quantumnia modok
Image via Marvel Studios

Is Quantumania a truly diagnosable condition? We tend to say it and it seems that one of the symptoms is delusional belief that Ant-Man 3 it’s really a good movie. For starters, writer Jeff Loveness admitted that he was initially upset by all the bad reviews for his Marvel debut, but ultimately decided that, to mention The Simpsons, No, it’s the kids who are wrong. Meanwhile, MODOK’s own Corey Stoll was so convinced that the film’s iconic shot was so integral to the narrative that he caused an uproar when it was temporarily removed. Someone call Dr. Pym, these two need immediate treatment.

Turns out an epic Kang action scene was removed Quantum maniabecause Marvel hates us at this point

The kang ant man and the wap quantumnia
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In a revelation that will further enrage MCU fans, while MODOK Minions moment managed to hold onto the film, a Kickass Kang fight scene did not. An epic behind-the-scenes stunt video revealed a super-cool action sequence between the Conqueror and Ant-Man and the Wasp that would see the villain take down the heroes with a sword. Everyone knows that giving a villain a sword makes them 25 percent more awesome, so this is yet another disappointing decision Marvel made in this movie. Hopefully Jonathan Majors will get a blade Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

A plagued Phase Five film may finally rise from its coffin after encouraging production update

Image via Marvel Studios

Speaking of blades, a Marvel reboot that’s been buried in development hell for years looks like it’s finally coming out of its grave. Yes, Mahershala Ali’s long-awaited debut as Daywalker seems to be finally getting somewhere after news that Blade is set to begin rolling in front of cameras on May 1st. The film has suffered so many setbacks that we’ll believe it when we see it, but the signs are definitely good that the MCU is about to dive deep into the horror side after dipping its toes into the pool of Werewolf at night.

The Marvels may be heading for a murky future thanks to Ant-Man 3they’re shenanigans, but there’s no need to worry, as the latest from the Marvel machine is on its way soon.

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