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“I also watch the latest films in the connected car”… TMAP/wave correspondence

by Pansy Robbins


Extension of Wave OTT supply cooperation to vehicles equipped with T-map Auto
After developing ‘Global Integrated IVI’
Cooperation in future mobility like autonomous driving and UAM

T Map Mobility CEO Lee Jong-ho (right) and Wave CEO Lee Tae-hyun take a commemorative photo after signing an OTT app business agreement for future mobility at T Map Mobility headquarters in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 25th. Provided by T Map Mobility

T Map Mobility Platform Mobility’s infotainment platform (IVI), T Map Auto, introduces the Wave online video service (OTT) platform. The idea is to allow users to watch various multimedia content such as the latest movies through connected car services without snapping the external devices.

On the 28th, T Map Mobility announced that it had signed a business partnership with Wave to apply OTT to future mobility. It is to develop and deliver wave-based vehicle OTT services to T-map Auto, an in-vehicle navigation system.

T Map Mobility is developing T Map Auto as an infotainment platform. Infotainment is a compound word of information (information) and entertainment (fun). It refers to a service that provides navigation, vehicle management, weather information, music and video through vehicle systems. Since this month, several brands of finished vehicles such as Renault, Volvo and Polestar are equipped with T-map Auto.

The two companies will also develop integrated IVI services for global use. It is explained that major brands using T-map Auto are setting the stage for targeting overseas markets as they have well-established cooperative relationships with global companies, mainly for imported cars.

T Map Mobility explained, “Wave has a huge amount of content, with over 340,000 video-on-demand (VOD) episodes.” This means that although it is difficult to immediately apply the T-map abroad, it is possible to achieve general-purpose IVI differentiation based on OTT.

We will also cooperate in the field of self-driving cars and urban air traffic (UAM). It is a way to develop an OTT service by UAM wave only. The possibility of cooperation with SK Telecom in the future is also planned. T Map Mobility and Wave’s operator, Content Wave, are subsidiaries of SK Square. This is why it is expected to be easier to create synergies between SK information and communication technology (ICT) companies.

Lee Tae-hyun, CEO of Wave, said, “Cars are now transforming into a new ‘home theater’ where you can easily watch media content anywhere, rather than just a means of transportation. encountering the large amount of mobility data.

Lee Jong-ho, CEO of T Map Mobility, said, “This collaboration with Wave will serve as a pivot for T Map Auto to expand beyond Korea and globally. We expect this to be a growth momentum that will allow us to preemptively respond to future mobility markets such as UAM.

Reporter Seon Han-gyeol [email protected]

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