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Review “The Princess Switch 3”: Meow, It’s Fiona’s Turn

by Stewart Cole

One of the most satisfying moments of “The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star” is to see the deceitful evil Fiona, with sequins and stiletto sandals, wiping the floors of the local monastery and orphanage, managing to cover the heavy sentence of social work who won. last year in the previous version of this seasonal Netflix movie series directed by Mike Rohl.

The only scene at the top is when Fiona (Vanessa Hudgens) tries to walk a dog and ends up dragging her along a snowy sidewalk like a sleigh from the very Great Dane at the end of the leash. But it turns out that even this stranger has something to contribute when Queen Margaret’s cousin (also Vanessa Hudgens) needs her help – and can move on in her community.

Margaret and Fiona’s cousin from America, Stacey (also played by you-know-who), is on hand with Prince Edward (Sam Palladio), her beautiful but ignorant husband, for the long-awaited Christmas contest . One thing is for sure: The celebration will be dripping with enough lights to bring out an amazing electricity bill. What they do not suspect is that an intrigue of continental proportions is going to shake the flawless snowball that is Montenaro.

This intrigue would include the Star of Peace, a precious decorative relic from the Vatican (who knew there was a lending library there?), Which had just arrived when it mysteriously disappeared. What the royal entourage needs is an expert in the criminal mind: in a word, Fiona.

When the ostentatious answer to their prayers enters the room, she closes her eyes with her husband Stacey and greets him with a murmur “Hello, royal six”. That’s how he speaks. And he meows and says “Zzzzzzztttttt!”

Anyone who has seen one of these movies can just take on the characters and guess their lines as easily as the three cousins ​​can exchange clothes and tones to impersonate each other.

As interchangeable as the cousins ​​are, Fiona is in the spotlight this year. Through its connections it produces a former, Peter Maxwell (Remy Hee), a former Interpol officer with the sophisticated suite of anti-fraud tools needed to retrieve the Star. But, paving the way for more sequels that are less superficial, she is dragged as the only character who really grows up, coming out of her one-dimensional type of bad girl to reveal her vulnerability. Sharing some long-buried memories helps us understand why she is cold and distant when she puts down her mint martini and her boa feather.

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star
PG rating. Performance duration: 1 hour 46 minutes. Watch on Netflix.

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