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Snoop Dogg Shares Glowing Review of New Movie ‘Barbie’

by Stewart Cole

Snoop Dogg is the new’s biggest fan Barbie movie, so he wanted to make sure to give his millions of followers a glowing review.

Taking to Instagram with a video on Tuesday night (September 12), the legendary rapper revealed that he had finally seen the film – two months after its release – and praised the record-breaking film for its comedy.

“I just got back from seeing Barbie,” he began. “That shit was funny as hell. Me and my wife were in there laughing like hell. And you know it!”

Watch Snoop’s review for yourself below:

At the opposite end of it Barbie spectrum, Snoop Dogg recently released a teaser trailer for the upcoming film The Great Performance – where he plays a cold-blooded killer.

The teaser, which revealed that the film would be released under Snoopadelic Films’ imprint, features the multiplexer narrating his killer’s motive.

“In a world full of gods and monsters, the only way to cut out evil is at the root,” he says in the intro, before the camera pans to Snoop Dogg’s character waiting in a dark room, eating a bowl of Snoop’s Hoopz at a brilliant cross-branding opportunity, before annihilating his target without mercy. The release date of the project has not yet been set.

This isn’t the Los Angeles native’s first foray into the world of acting. Over the years, he has starred in a number of mainstream and independent films.

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In a 2020 interview with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson’s All the smoke The recently resurfaced and viral podcast Tha Doggfather mentioned that “that n-gga” Vince Vaughn actually hit on him in the 2004 film, Starsky & Hutch.

“We’re rehearsing and on stage he says, well, Vince is going to say a line and then my character, Huggy Bear, is going to interrupt him,” he said. “And Vince will be like, ‘Hey! Don’t interrupt me.”

He continued: “N-ga says his lines, I’m already doing my shit. n-gga say something like “Hey, man.” This n-gga said, BOW! The dog slapped me. The dog slapped me. But the n-gga in me was going to punch him, right, but the actor in me, the actor in me was like… and I picked it up, and I went to my next line, and I did that shit, and I killed it.”

The film went on to be a commercial success, earning nearly three times its $60 million budget at the box office.

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